Painting with Time iPad App Released

Red Hill Studios announces the release of the Painting with Time iPad app – the first in a series of remarkable time painting apps – that lets you explore how the world around you changes over time.

“The Painting with Time app makes it fun to manipulate time,” says Red Hill Studios Creative Director Bob Hone. “Your fingers literally paint with time – transforming everyday scenes into amazing time composites.”

Brought to you by the creators of the Exploring Time international documentary series (, and the Playing with Time traveling museum exhibition (, this free educational app lets you make leaves magically appear on trees and then paint on the incredible colors of Fall. Fill up a tidal pool in Monterey with the incoming tide. Display the shades of San Francisco over a day. Each scene reveals a slow natural process that we can’t normally see.

“People cannot perceive the immense amount of slow change taking place all around us – our brains are not wired that way,” notes Bob Hone, originator of the Exploring Time transmedia concept. “Our visual system evolved to see dangers and avoid being eaten – not detect slow moving events like the tide rising, the passing of seasons, people aging, or changes in climate. Centuries of scientific discovery helped reveal these patterns of change and new technologies are continuing to reveal the amazing dynamics of our world. The Painting with Time app is a small window into a vast and growing field of timescale explorations from trillionths of seconds to billions of years.”

Programmed by Red Hill Senior Engineer Charlie Brown, the Painting with Time app provides a range of time brushes and special time slicers that let you transform photographic sequences in strange and unique new ways. Paint on layers of time to watch a woman age over 60 years. Discover the amazing retreat of a glacier over decades.


  • 14 carefully crafted time sequences of nature, art, and people
  • Painting Time manipulation mode
  • Slicing Time manipulation mode
  • Eight preset brushes and slicing patterns
  • “Mix and Merge” capability to combine a variety of time views within composites

“We’re passionate about helping people view the world in a new way – not just with their eyes but also with their minds and imaginations,” emphasizes Hone. “Static is an illusion – everything is changing all the time and on many timescales – our bodies, our cities, our world. So future titles in the Painting with Time series will separately explore how people, cities, nature and the world are changing over time.”

  • Painting with Time – People
  • Painting with Time – Then/Now: San Francisco
  • Painting with Time – Natural Disasters
  • Painting with Time – Climate Change

Red Hill Studios is an award-winning transmedia design company that creates interactive games for health, online science games and apps, and immersive museum exhibitions. It also conducts research into new educational and health gaming paradigms. Red Hill Studios is based in San Rafael, CA.

The Exploring Time documentary series and the Playing with Time museum exhibition were supported by generous grants from the Informal Science Education program at the National Science Foundation.

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