AtoZdatabases’ Mobile App ‘Brings the Library to the Patron’

AtoZdatabases’ a leading provider of reference and marketing databases to Libraries and Government Agencies across the United States, is pleased to announce the launch of their mobile application which will be available at the end of January, 2012.

“With a valid library card, patrons will be able to access their local library or any library, within a 10 mile radius from where they are, that carries the AtoZ reference database,” said Rakesh Gupta, President of AtoZdatabases.

“Whether you’re looking for a job or the next coffee shop in town, AtoZ’s ‘find a business’, ‘find a person’ and reverse phone look-up of 14 million businesses and 220 million households will all be made available through this app.”

The application will be launched at the 2012 ALA, January 20-23, in Dallas and will be available for download from the Apple Store. Visit our booth #1954.

With AtoZdatabases, library patrons have complete access to over 300 Million records in over 8 databases:

  • Executive Emails – 8 Million
  • Businesses – 14 Million
  • Business Executives – 29 Million
  • New Businesses – 2 Million per year
  • Residents & Homeowners – 210 Million Residents & 90 Million Homeowners
  • New Homeowners – 50,000 names weekly
  • New Movers – 200,000 names weekly

Library patrons will find these databases are also an ideal tool for:

  • Job Seekers – Identify job opportunities by Looking Up Businesses & Executives
  • Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs – Find Sales Leads to get More Customers
  • Find People & Businesses – Find Friends, former Classmates, New Businesses and Lost Relatives
  • Find Suppliers – For Key Products and Services

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AtoZdatabases, powered by Database101, is a leading provider of premier reference and marketing databases to Libraries and Government Agencies across the United States.

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