New Technology Enables Boomers to Monitor and Stay Closer to Aging Parents in Their Declining Years

From ShowStoppers @ CES 2012 — Many boomers living far away from their parents deal with feelings of denial that their parents are getting older and guilt they are not physically closer. These feelings are magnified after a ‘trigger event’ occurs, such as a slip, fall or hospital visit, an incident revealing mom or dad isn’t as with it. And although boomers know their parents’ health is declining, they don’t realize how little time they have — roughly 18 months, according to research. As the end of life nears, a higher value is placed on communication as boomers look for ways to stay close to their parents versus just monitor their health. Never before has a product done both, until now. Sonamba is a 7-inch, easy-to-use device for technology challenged seniors, placed in their home, enabling families to share valuable conversations when time is precious.

With Sonamba staying connected and interacting is simple, with social communication features similar to Facebook, such as photo-sharing and text messaging. Boomers can exchange texts and send photos remotely through the web portal or by using the iPhone App.

Boomers will enjoy peace of mind knowing their parents are safe through motion and sound sensors that track activity levels. Sonamba sends alerts via email or text, so busy boomers are always informed of their parents’ wellbeing. And it includes optional 24/7 Personal Emergency Response Call Center services.

Sonamba and SonambaPro will exhibit at ShowStoppers and the International CES show. For an appointment contact Melissa Rivera, Rubberneck, Visit for information.