National Property Trust Capitalizes in Digital Music Explosion

As digital downloads continue to expand and revitalize the music industry, private equity company National Property Trust presents digital music investment opportunities.

According to a December 2011 report from Reuters, the music industry just saw an increase in overall sales for the first time since 2004. The Reuters story attributes part of this success to the popularity of the new album by British soul singer Adele, whose 21 sold more than five million copies, but also to the industry’s increased focus on digital downloads. In 2011 the recording industry embraced digital music more than ever before, something that speaks to just how prevalent digital music really is. A nationwide investment group, called National Property Trust, is seeking to capitalize on this, unveiling new investment opportunities in the digital music industry and inviting new investors to take part.

National Property Trust has long been known as a real estate investment group, but, according to one company spokesperson, the investment group’s only priority is providing sound investment opportunities to new investors. “The economy has been shaky, and there is not a lot of investor confidence in real estate,” the spokesperson notes. “However, digital music is an industry that is inarguably on the rise, and poses incredible opportunities. That’s why National Property Trust is unveiling new opportunities for investing in digital music.”

Indeed, the company spokesperson notes that National Property Trust’s new digital music opportunities are coming at just the right time for investors. Google’s new digital music service has announced singles available for a record-breaking 49 cents apiece, something that is expected to ignite new competition in the industry, Music Business Journal says. “There has never been a better time to invest in digital music than right now,” the spokesperson says, “and there has never been a better time for investors to partner with National Property Trust.”

While the company is shifting its focus from its more traditional real estate investment opportunities, not everything at National Property Trust is changing. The company’s core values remain the same. This includes an emphasis on clear communication with investors, as well as a strong commitment to taking a service-oriented approach. National Property Trust is currently seeking new investors for digital music endeavors, as well as for medical supplies and also real estate projects.


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