eDoorways International Corporation to Introduce Snap Trend Technology on 2.0 Platform

eDoorways International Corporation (Pink Sheets: EDWY) announced today that the Company has licensed Snap Trend Technology, a Paddington Media product, for use on the eDoorways 2.0 platform. “Our new snap trend technology is poised to completely revolutionize the Internet marketing industry,” stated Gary Kimmons, CEO of eDoorways International Corporation. “This new technology redefines hyper-targeted marketing by using social media platforms and GPS technology, allowing real-time user interaction anywhere in the world. For instance, if a stadium is filled with fans tweeting about their team’s victory, a sports memorabilia owner can contact all these individuals at once, offering a discount on jerseys and fanfare,” continued Kimmons. “We are giving eDoorways’ users access to this service which not only has the potential to dramatically increase business awareness but also increase social interaction among members of the community.”

The Snap Trend technology utilizes Google Maps and popular social networking tools Twitter and Facebook. When a user updates their status and/or location, the Snap Trend will pick-up individual words or statements in areas of 1KM and larger, then allow interaction among users on both sides. “To our knowledge, there is nothing out there that allows this precise of contextual marketing and we’re thrilled to be on the cutting edge of technology. PowerChannel owners will now have the opportunity to contact members of their community in real-time with GPS precision, providing efficiency and effectiveness both in their personal and business interactions,” concluded Kimmons.

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