Nobel Closes Strategic Partnership with Mendix for Agile Software-as-a-Service

Nobel and Mendix have reached a partnership agreement, providing Nobel the opportunity to build new SaaS- (Software-as-a-service) applications on the Mendix platform. The company will use the Mendix Business Agility Suite because of its flexibility and broad functionality.

Nobel Director, Piet van Vugt: “We see that our clients need the ability to quickly modify their strategy and business models in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions. This means that businesses must continually adapt and optimize their processes in line with ever changing business strategies. The traditional ERP software provides insufficient flexibility to quickly and easily implement these changes.”

With Mendix’s development technology and methodology, it is possible to build business applications in a fraction of the time and cost. Nobel sees an opportunity in helping companies get more value from their ERP investments by extending their systems with flexible web solutions. “Model driven development and SaaS is in our opinion the future of application development and together with Mendix we can make great strides,” said Piet van Vugt.

Mendix CEO Derek Roos: “We see more and more customers opt for a hybrid solution of out-of-box systems extended with more flexible, differentiating web applications. As long as one uses the right tools, applications can be adapted quickly and cost effectively as new needs for the business are anticipated. I am looking forward to this collaboration.”

About Mendix

Mendix offers the Business Agility Suite, the fastest and easiest way to create agile business applications that streamline business operations across systems and organizations. Uniquely, Mendix offers a visual modeling approach that optimizes collaboration between business & IT, engaging business analysts, accelerating application delivery and reducing project risk and costs. Mendix has been recording annual triple digit growth and is recognized by leading analyst firm Gartner as Cool Vendor. Our products are used by large corporations and SMBs around the world.

About Nobel

Nobel is an Information Technology Consulting Company that has helped over 260 business professionals and organizations achieve their business goals. The emphasis is on the right balance between business and IT. Nobel focuses its activities on improving business processes, supporting applications and infrastructure through the provision of advice, implementation and management services, and outsourcing of ICT functions.