Sinbad Sweets Offers $5 Off Peanut Butter Princesses & Sinbites

Send that special someone something beyond the traditional box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day and order from Sinbad Sweets at In fact, the 12-piece Peanut Butter Princesses ($16.95) and the 24-piece Sinbites ($22.95) are $5 off with promo code sweet5 from Jan. 22 through Feb. 19.

The Peanut Butter Princesses offer a perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter. Made with hand-crafted crisp fillo baskets, they are bursting with peanut butter and then bathed in a waterfall of dark chocolate and topped with a peanut.

The hand-dipped Sinbites are made with rich, dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate or white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. Inside are chopped nuts and spices layered between crisp fillo sheets. Both are delivered in a beautiful golden box packaged perfectly for giving to that special someone.

For more information about these Valentine’s options, visit and enter promo code sweet5 at checkout for $5 off the Peanut Butter Princesses and Sinbites. Order online by February 6 to ensure delivery by February 14.

About Sinbad Sweets

Sinbad Sweets™ is a brand of Rain Creek Baking Company ®, a division of Kronos Foods, Inc. Rain Creekis the country’s foremost specialty baker of the Mediterranean delicacy Baklava and many other pastries. From macaroons and tarts to a host of other sweets every dessert is handcrafted at the facility located in the heart of California. Surrounded by nut and fruit orchards and vineyards, the firm takes pride in supporting the local economy by actively sourcing local suppliers for ingredients whenever possible. For more information visit: