New white paper examines how GPGPUs and OpenCL can be used for improved performance in Natural User Interfaces

YOUi Labs, experts in developing Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for embedded platforms, examines in a new white paper how both General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) and The Khronos Group’s OpenCL specification can be used in a NUI engine to best utilize the available hardware for efficiency and improved user experience.

“We are excited to harness the power of GPGPU Chips using the OpenCL specification for embedded platforms to enable us to design and develop richer natural user experiences,” said YOUi Labs CEO Jason Flick.

NUIs must perform without hesitation and require more graphical processing power than traditional UIs. Unlike video games, however, a NUI’s content is not predictable and can not be cached or pre-processed. Due to this real-time content requirement, both CPU and GPU utilization must be carefully balanced to maximize NUI performance.

“The adoption of GPGPU and the Khronos OpenCL specification will enable us to offload precious CPU cycles traditionally required to perform real-time calculation on larger data sets to more efficient GPGPU cores speeding up the UI and saving power,” said YOUi Labs CTO Stuart Russell.

YOUi Labs is deep into the implementation of the strategies discussed in this white paper and will publish the technical results for performance benchmarks and power usage in the coming months.

The “Levering GPGPU and OpenCL Technologies for Natural User Interfaces” white paper is available as a public download from the YOUi Labs website as well as The Khronos Group website.

About YOUi Labs
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About The Khronos Group
The Khronos Group is an industry consortium creating open standards to enable the authoring and acceleration of graphics, parallel computing, dynamic media and sensor processing on a wide variety of platforms and devices. Khronos standards include OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, WebCL, OpenCL, OpenMAX, OpenVG, OpenSL ES, OpenKODE, StreamInput and COLLADA. All Khronos members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge media platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. More information is available at