US$100 Smart Phone Made in China Attracts Universal Attention

With China’s continuous economic development in recent years, many national enterprises in the country are growing. Although China’s mobile phone market is still dominated by several world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers including Apple, Nokia and Samsung, the progress in China’s domestic mobile phone brands is obvious. Smart phones with high-end configurations made by a few foreign handset manufacturers are leading the development of the mobile phone industry. As smart phone technologies mature, mobile phone manufacturers have gradually changed their strategies for grabbing market share from configuration-oriented to price-oriented. As a result, smart phones priced at around RMB 1,000 have sprung up like mushrooms, which are represented by Chinese-made smart phones. The recent launch of the Guohong Shuidi phone has kept the price war going and attracted a great deal of attention on Chinese-made mobile phones.

The recently-launched Guohong Shuidi phone is popular in China. It is sold at an ultra low price of US$100, but features virtually the same configurations as Apple, Samsung and Nokia phones. Such a low-cost smart phone, once entering the mobile phone markets in other countries, would undoubtedly be a challenge to local brands.

Taking proactive measures to address challenge of low cost smart phone priced at US$100

The Shuidi mobile phone is manufactured by China’s Chongqing Guohong Technology Development, which owns the country’s famed TV brand Changhong and is widely known for making high quality but affordable products. The cell phone comes with medium- and high-end configurations, including the Android2.3.5 system, an 800Mhz processor, a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen, dual cameras as well as the dual SIM card dual standby feature, and is similar to Apple iPhones and Samsung phones in appearance designs.

Noticeably, the smart phone uses the most cutting-edge confidentiality technologies available in today’s mobile phone market, including Qihoo 360 Technology ‘s custom “cloud-based safety” and “cloud-based voice” functionalities. The mobile phone has now been available at China’s at a price of approx. US$100 and is expected to see a continued increase in sales in the Chinese domestic market with its outstanding features.

A spokesperson for Chongqing Guohong Technology Development said in an interview that with its distinct advantages, the Shuidi phone will be introduced worldwide as the company will promote the exports of the phone to overseas markets while the launch in China is just the beginning. As a result, industry analysts indicated that the roll-out of the smart phone may have a great influence on the world’s cell phone industry.

The smart phone has sold well since its launch in China. Currently, some consumers have collected the custom phone ordered through the Internet. Many of them said that they are very satisfied with many features of the phone that meet their requirements, including appearance design and operating speed. In addition, some of them gave positive feedbacks and opinions to help improve the product. The spokesperson said that the company would like to hear advice from consumers to further improve the Guohong series mobile phones.