Forex Trading iPhone App: Trade on the Go With FX Solutions

Organizing your forex trading account and keeping up to date with the latest market movements can be a struggle for part time traders.

Those choosing to trade with FX Solutions, can access the professional iPhone® forex trading App for the iPhone® and iPod® Touch; enabling part-time and full-time trading around work and daily routines.

In the following guide, we look closer at the Forex market, and how it works, plus the mobile trading app that opens up trading opportunities for traders in the marketplace.

Forex Explained

As one of the largest and most liquid markets, the Foreign Exchange (often referred to as Forex, retail forex or simply FX) market is also one of the most accessible.

Trading 24-hours a day – from Sunday evening until Friday night – you have the option to trade the opportunity as you see it. Traders in the US can trade from Sunday at 14:15 Eastern Time, when the forex market opens in Sydney and Auckland. Trading continues to Asia (19:00 Eastern Time); spearheaded out of Tokyo and Singapore, before it moves to London (2:00 Eastern Time), and finally opens in New York on at 8:00 Eastern Time and closes at 17:00 Eastern Time.

The New York close is by convention the end of one trading day and the beginning of the next.

We believe Forex is the world’s only true 24-hour market with banks and other institutions maintaining round the clock trading operations that respond to economic and political developments in real time.

Whether after short-term volatility or long-term price trend, you can trade FX based on international news or economic fundamentals.

Mobile Trading

Available across both iPhone and iPod touch, the GTS FX (US)™ from FX Solutions enables forex traders to manage either their Live or Practice FX Solutions US GTS trading account.

Mobile trading has become an essential tool for an array of traders.

Key features of the GTS FX (US)™ from FX Solutions include:

  • Trading the forex markets
  • Checking the latest prices and market movements instantly
  • Opening and closing positions in FIFO order
  • Setting stop and limit orders including If Done and OCO (one cancels other)
  • Creating new and amending existing orders
  • Viewing your open and pending orders
  • Monitoring your positions using our unique positions chart
  • Viewing and amending multiple Watch Lists
  • Reviewing your trade and order history for completed and cancelled orders


Forex trading, for many traders, can sometimes be a full time commitment. The GTS FX (US)™ platform for the iPhone and iPod touch from FX Solutions has become an invaluable tool for US traders.

Forex trading involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Mobile trading is subject to the Mobile Terms available at
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