Macrosoft Issues a Lighthearted April Fools Webpage and Video

Macrosoft’s April Fools Webpage and Video presents a lighthearted spoof “to tackle a problem our planet is facing that hasn’t received enough attention.” In this April Fools scenario, scientists have discovered that Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation has a diminishing return. The narrative continues:

“The depletion of our planet’s gravitational resources through overuse is a serious issue,” warned April Sloof, President of the US Gravitational Policy Institute. She argues that: “There are substitutes for other resources but there are no substitutes for gravity.”

Gravitational depletion has advanced significantly in recent years, as the world’s force of gravity has shrunk from 33 to 32 square feet per second within the last 50 years. Excessive overuse by the aviation industry to satisfy modern travel needs almost guarantees a decline in gravitational resources tomorrow. Measures must be taken to ensure we minimize not only our carbon footprint, but our GraviPrint as well.

Macrosoft, a leading-edge software development firm, has launched a new gravity tracking product called GraviTrack. GraviTrack is revolutionary software that tracks everyday gravity abuse to minimize our daily GraviPrint. GraviTrack, is earning accolades in the airline industry as it tracks the gravity expenditure and minimizes each airplane’s GraviPrint. Each take-off expends numerous Newtons, which GraviTrack replenishes during landing.