comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) Gets Global Adoption from Several of World’s Leading Brands

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced that several global brands across multiple continents are using comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) for measurement of their online ad campaigns. The respective brands will use vCE to validate whether the ads in their campaigns were delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment, and absent of fraudulent delivery, as well as whether or not the ads were delivered to the right target audience. comScore has conducted more than 2,600 studies worldwide since launching Campaign Essentials™ in 2009, including vCE studies across 28 countries since the product’s introduction in January 2012. More than 120 advertisers and agencies and 80 publishers and ad networks around the world have contracted comScore for digital campaign measurement.

In Europe, vCE is being used by advertisers such as Kellogg’s, Kimberly-Clark, Jaguar, Nivea, O2, and Procter & Gamble. Advertisers in the Asia Pacific region working with the service include America Express, Cebu Pacific Airways, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Singapore Tourism, Sony, Starwood Hotels, Tiger Airways, Unilever and Wrigley. These brands are in addition to the dozens of blue chip advertisers already among comScore’s roster of U.S. brands running vCE, such as Allstate, Chrysler, Discover, E-Trade, Ford, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, and Sprint. Leading publishers to adopt vCE include Microsoft and Forbes.

“GRPs must be truly cross-media comparable if digital is ever going to effectively compete with TV for ad dollars. While viewability is indeed a critical component of campaign delivery and management, what sets vCE apart is its ability to validate delivery across all key measures of ad delivery, including viewability, geography, brand safety and fraud,” said Linda Abraham, comScore co-founder and CMO. “We are delighted to work with so many iconic global brands across multiple continents as they seek enhanced validation for their digital campaigns. This solution provides greater transparency across the digital ecosystem and empowers advertisers to optimize their campaigns on-the-fly for better campaign management and ROI.”

Global Clients Highlight Benefits of comScore vCE
“Viewability is undoubtedly an important piece of the ad delivery equation, but what sets the comScore solution apart is its holistic view of validated impressions, which includes not just the viewability component but also validation of geographic delivery, fraud and brand safety. Having an unduplicated count of ad delivery across all of these dimensions is essential for brands who want to accurately account for their campaigns and get a better measure of campaign effectiveness.”
– Clive Sirkin, Senior Marketing Officer at Kimberly-Clark

“At Kellogg’s we have tripled our digital marketing spend over the past few years and are continually seeking ways to get the most return from the investment. One of the key factors justifying this shift is the ability of online to measure every impression – from visibility to targeting effectiveness. Our aim is to make sure media plans deliver the intended brand impact and vCE gives us the visibility we need to achieve this.”
– Matt Pritchard, European Digital Director at Kellogg’s

“As one of the top advertisers in Germany it is vitally important to justify our digital ad spend. comScore vCE enables the justification and also makes it possible to compare spend across channels.”
– Stephanie Koenig, Brand Manager, Telefonica Germany

“We’ve invested in this technology to provide assurance to our advertisers that ads are appearing only on safe sites. The rollout of this technology across 100% of MMN’s third party inventory demonstrates the focus and investment Mi9 is putting behind delivering quality assurance and brand-safety to our advertisers and agencies. This is a vital step in the online ad delivery process and we believe this technology gives us a real point of difference in this space.”
– Marc Barnett, General Manager of Microsoft Media Network and Advertising Exchange, Australia

About comScore validated Campaign Essentials
comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) is a holistic solution for complete campaign delivery validation and in-flight optimization. Unlike existing single-point solutions, vCE provides an unduplicated accounting of impressions delivered across a variety of dimensions, such as ads delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment and absent of fraudulent delivery. This measurement eliminates all impressions that never had a chance to make an impact, providing a more realistic and accurate picture of campaign delivery. vCE reports on comprehensive demographics, behavioral segments and reach and frequency, delivering a cross-media comparable GRP metric to the marketplace.

About comScore
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