World’s Most Technologically Advanced In-bar Breathalyzers Now Available in the Tri-State

This year, in the United States, approximately 10,839 people will die in alcohol related accidents…one every fifty-one minutes. More than 255,000 people will be injured with hospitalization from alcohol related crashes. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year as a result of impaired or drunk driving, with tens of thousands of lives shattered, all due to senseless decisions to drive after consuming too much alcohol.

In an effort to combat these grim statistics, and with the unofficial start of the Summer party season, a new local small business called “Lifestyle Vending Concepts” is launching The Boozelator 3001 Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Tester. This device is designed to help save lives, keep our roads safer, save people tens of thousands of dollars, and promote awareness around having a fun time without driving after consuming too much alcohol.

The unique vending style device allows anyone who has been drinking alcohol to quickly determine their accurate breath alcohol level, as it utilizes a law enforcement grade platinum fuel sensor, by far the most technologically advanced commercially available breathalyzer.

The fundamental purpose of the Boozelator 3001 is to help make Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky safer for their residents. There is also a fun novelty component of the machine, as well as being a creative advertising medium via the High-definition LCD monitor for companies trying to reach the bar-going population in a captive setting.

The Boozelator 3001 allows any individual to educate themselves on their BAC, thus leading to wiser choices before operating a vehicle. However, Lifestyle Vending Concepts cautions that you should never operate a vehicle or machinery after consuming alcohol.

Can tragedies and negatively affected lifestyles be prevented? Absolutely yes, and bar owners can help. In a society where safety is sometimes overlooked, the mere presence of the breathalyzer machine on the wall sends a loud and clear message that the establishment fully supports the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol, and further encourages those who have had too much to refrain from driving drunk. The Boozelator 3001 is marketed as a safety device that is specifically designed to prevent senseless accidents, fatalities, and legal issues.

The sleek and compact machine easily mounts on any flat wall, is very low maintenance, and managed entirely by Lifestyle Vending Concepts. Bar and nightclub owners make money while helping their patrons make wiser decisions by installing the Booxzelator 3001. Establishments who install the devices bear no legal obligations, as they are strictly for educational and purposes only. No BAC result is recorded, and the BAC results are not legally binding.

Better informed people make better decisions. That is exactly how the Boozelator 3001 helps save lives, and tens of thousands of dollars each and every day, while helping people maintain a thriving and vibrant lifestyle by staying safer.

For more information regarding the Boozelator 3001, the world’s most advanced breathalyzer machine, please contact:

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