Ideum Releases 4th Generation Multitouch Tables: Ultra Thin, Built-In RFID, Discrete GPUs, and other New Features

Ideum has announced new versions of their popular multitouch tables. Ideum’s rugged, powerful and fully-integrated multitouch tables lead the industry in performance, reliability, and ease of use.

The two new models The Pro and The Platform, have large 55″ LED LCD displays that now support up to 40 simultaneous touch points. The screen now has an impressive 30,000,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio with true 240hz technology. The display surface is now only 2″ inches in depth; thinner than any commercially available touch table and half as thick as the Microsoft / Samsung SUR40 multitouch table.

Both tables come with powerful computers, dedicated GPUs, Ethernet, WI-FI, Bluetooth, and now, RFID, making the Ideum multitouch tables truly unique. RFID can be used to switch applications or to allow for easy administrative access. Only Ideum’s multitouch tables have this feature.

“These 4th generation multitouch tables have an extended lineage,” explains Ideum CEO Jim Spadaccini. “We’ve been making them for the last four years, but we’ve also been developing exhibits for public spaces since the 1990s, and a lot of what we’ve learned comes into play. Our tables are incredibly tough, fully integrated with the latest technology, very customizable, but also reliable, easy to set-up, and maintain.”

The newly-designed Ideum website shows all of the new features and provides full specifications:

Built for demanding environments, with tough aircraft-grade aluminum construction and lockable access ports to ensure security, the tables can go anywhere: museums, retail, public corporate spaces, Universities, laboratories, and other demanding environments. The robust touch sensor allows the tables to work in just about any lighting conditions.

The tables are built to exacting standards and they are designed to be maintenance-free. Single push button operation allows the table to be set up and operational in about a minute.

The Pro comes with a powerful and expandable HP® workstation with HP’s three-year, onsite warranty. The Pro is perfect for processor-intensive tasks like cutting-edge museum exhibits, complex visualizations or games. It comes standard with an Intel i7-2600 3.4GHz quad-core processor and an nVidia Quadro 600 graphics card. It has a powerful, built-in 75W stereo amplifier with Yamaha speakers.

The Platform now comes with an Intel i7 2720M 2.2GHz dual-core processor and a discrete GPU, the nVidia GX460. Its sleek, futuristic design makes it a great choice for museums, retail settings, corporate boardrooms and other high-profile settings. All of Ideum’s touch products are available in standard black or in custom colors.

Each table ships with Windows 7 Professional and includes a lifetime license for the GestureWorks SDK. This powerful authoring package includes GestureML, the world’s first markup language for multitouch, and a number of pre-built Open Exhibits multitouch components. To learn more about GestureWorks visit:

High-resolution photographs are available at:

About Ideum

Ideum ( is a 12-year old privately-held company based in Corrales, New Mexico. The company has developed and sells a multitouch framework for ActionScript called GestureWorks. It also designs and produces integrated and hardened large-scale multitouch hardware to museums, educational institutions, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to these product offerings, Ideum offers custom software and hardware development, and is involved in a number of grants focusing on educational projects with the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Oceanic and Atmosphere Association (NOAA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).