Raisecom and Symmetricom Complete Joint Interoperability Testing For Synchronization of Wireless Backhaul Networks

Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precision time and frequency technologies and Raisecom Technology, a leading global manufacturer of wireless backhaul, access and aggregation solutions, today announced the successful interoperability testing of wireless backhaul networks and a new partnership through the SyncWorld® Ecosystem Program.

The companies have performed comprehensive interoperability testing to validate LTE mobile backhaul deployment scenarios over packet networks that leverage ITU.T G.8261 and the IEEE 1588-2008 synchronization protocol. The testing was completed using Raisecom’s iTN201 Carrier Ethernet Edge device powered by Symmetricom’s TimeProvider® 5000 IEEE 1588-2008 Grandmaster Clock. The TimeProvider 5000 is a carrier-grade timing source that provides high client capacity, hardware-based packet processing and redundant hardware to match the synchronization needs of next generation networks, such as Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), IEEE 1588 (PTP), and Network Time Protocol (NTP) timing protocols.

“Raisecom and Symmetricom have performed detailed interoperability testing to validate LTE mobile-backhaul deployment scenarios over packet networks that leverage ITU.T G.8261 and IEEE 1588-2008 synchronization mechanisms,” said Alex Shaw, CEO of Raisecom Technology. “Using Raisecom 10GbE switches deployed with the iTN201 Carrier-Ethernet Edge Devices, our customers are able to implement a very flexible yet cost-effective architecture for a synchronized mobile backhaul network.”

“The momentum we’ve received with the SyncWorld Ecosystem Program and the addition of Raisecom further demonstrates that service providers realize an immediate benefit for interoperability around the rigorous synchronization and timing requirements required to support 4G/LTE mobile network deployments,” said Manish Gupta, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for Symmetricom.

Raisecom joins the SyncWorld’s network equipment partners segment. Network equipment partners are technology vendors that have conducted extensive interoperability testing with Symmetricom products to ensure effective operation of the joint solution in specific scenarios. Network equipment partners cooperate in a variety of ways, including technical, marketing, and field support.

To find out more about how Symmetricom supports backhaul, download the white paper, “Synchronization for Next Generation Networks—The PTP Telecom Profile” here: http://www.symmetricom.com/resources/downloads/white-papers/IEEE-1588-PTP-Solutions/Synchronization-for-Next-Generation-NetworksThe-PTP-Telecom-Profile/.

About Raisecom Technology

Founded in 1999 Raisecom has 2,300 employees and equipment installed in service provider networks in over 70 countries. Raisecom’s growth is based on developing carrier grade standards based solutions with proven interoperability. Raisecom offers a wide range of access, aggregation and wireless backhaul products including; Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Demarcation Devices, Media Converters, SFPs, CWDM, Optical Muxes and GEPON solutions. Raisecom is incorporated in Delaware.

About Symmetricom, Inc.

Symmetricom (NASDAQ:SYMM), a world leader in precise time solutions, sets the world’s standard for time. The company generates, distributes and applies precise time for the communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology industries. Symmetricom’s customers, from communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to governments and their suppliers worldwide, are able to build more reliable networks and systems by using the company’s advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions. All products support today’s precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing. Symmetricom is based in San Jose, Calif., with offices worldwide. For more information, visit: http://www.symmetricom.com or join the dialogue at http://www.twitter.com/symmetricom.