Peel Introduces AllPlay TV Feature

Peel, the company dedicated to revolutionizing the way you watch TV, today at Google I/O announced AllPlay TV, the first multi-source personalized TV experience. For the first time ever, TV enthusiasts have the ability to find and watch shows and movies regardless of source – from Peel’s current TV listings to users’ DVR content and web content including Netflix – all in one intuitive app available in July at the GooglePlayStore.

The Google I/O audience will be presented with AllPlay TV, a more content friendly TV watching experience enhanced by Google TV. The shows and movies you want to watch are not found exclusively on live TV, they’re also on your DVR and Netflix. With AllPlay TV, Peel users can see integrated listings, putting their favorite content at the forefront no matter the source. Users see shows on live TV, episodes available on Netflix, and last week’s episode recorded on their DVR.

“We could not think of a better place to introduce the world to AllPlay TV,” said Greg Lindley, Chief Experience Officer for Peel. “Being included in Google I/O and the Developer Sandbox is a prestigious and premier launch platform for groundbreaking technology. AllPlay TV is going to set TV watchers free. With so many sources out there for people to choose from it can be overwhelming, when it should be really simple – content first.”

Designed specifically for Android with the Google TV platform in mind, Peel’s AllPlay TV makes time, place and content source irrelevant. AllPlay TV has all your favorite content presented in graphical interface with a Top Picks section that is customized to your tastes.

AllPlay TV takes services like Netflix and makes them better, offering users an easier way to search and discover new content. Peel’s algorithm is based on your viewing habits and selections from multiple sources, presenting you with a more complete listing of recommendations that you’ll love. Using the Peel app’s Top Picks selections AllPlay TV makes it possible to catch up on back seasons of a hit show while recording future episodes. Or, see that a favorite movie is on live TV but opt to skip the commercials and watch it on Netflix — the possibilities are endless.

The Peel app with AllPlay TV eliminates the need for traditional TV listings and brings you closer to your favorite shows. With customized programming recommendations based on your viewing habits, Peel takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what’s on. Touch a program thumbnail and the app displays a brief description of the episode or movie that is playing and displays if there are additional viewing options via live TV, Netflix or DVR.


The Peel app with AllPlay TV is free and available in July for Android users on the 2.3 operating system or higher. To download Peel visit the GooglePlayStore.

Peel with AllPlay TV will be available in the coming months for iPhone® and iPod touch®.

About Peel

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