Lakeside Software Introduces SysTrack MarketPlace

Lakeside Software, a leader in big data analytics for IT professionals, today announced SysTrack MarketPlace, a new capability within SysTrack providing detailed analysis for sizing and selecting hardware, software and service infrastructure. MarketPlace provides a single source for IT professionals to get the quantified data they need to maximize the performance of their infrastructure, accelerate ROI and maximize end-user experience. MarketPlace is implemented in SysTrack version 6.1, with availability in July 2012.

MarketPlace is the result of cooperation between Lakeside Software and leading IT infrastructure technology companies. Participating in MarketPlace at launch are AppSense, Atlantis Computing, EMC, Cisco, Citrix, Dell Wyse, HP, IBM, Login VSI, Nexenta, Trend Micro and VMware. Collaborations with other infrastructure vendors will be introduced as those integrations are completed.

MarketPlace reports are 100% customized for a specific vendor solution and provide only the data most relevant for analysis of that solution. They are developed through close consultation between Lakeside Software and each solution vendor that ensures each report reflects a deep understanding of the solution and provides critical and appropriate intelligence.

MarketPlace reports enable IT professionals to anticipate solution benefits pre-implementation, and to validate and measure the benefits of the solution post-implementation. Additionally, MarketPlace reports provide the data and insight necessary for on-going solution tuning and optimization. MarketPlace reports are either “public” (available to any SysTrack customer) or “private” (available only to those to whom the vendor has provided access credentials). All reports are easily accessible from the SysTrack common interface. Visit for more information.

SysTrack provides essential data for complex IT tasks such as user auditing, performance monitoring, change management, event management, latency and end-user experience management, application resource analysis, chargeback, virtualization assessment and planning, application pool design, automated power management and many others. SysTrack seamlessly manages virtualized desktops, virtualized servers, terminal servers and physical systems to provide an end-to-end view of the environment. SysTrack supports the complete range of deployments, from physical environments to partially/fully virtualized environments, to cloud computing.

Supporting Quotes

Dan Salinas, vice president Business Development, Lakeside Software: “SysTrack MarketPlace is designed to give IT professionals actionable intelligence about their infrastructure critical to deployment and optimization. With deeper insight into the impact of specific infrastructure solutions, they can tune implementation to receive maximum value and performance.”

David Roussain, vice president Product Marketing and Alliances, AppSense: “The MarketPlace report for AppSense provides helpful actionable data to IT professionals utilizing AppSense to optimize projects such as Windows 7 migration, desktop and application virtualization. Included is a detailed summary report on the end user environment with recommendations on how best to proceed with their user virtualization implementation.”

Rajiv Pimplaskar, vice president Corporate Development, Atlantis Computing: “VDI Storage is usually undersized to reduce the cost per virtual desktop and make the project fit a budget, but this typically leads to severe desktop performance issues and user rejection. With the SysTrack MarketPlace report, customers can accurately predict the amount of storage that they truly require for a successful implementation and understand firsthand the cost savings and performance benefits that Atlantis ILIO storage optimization software can bring to the organization. SysTrack is already used by many Atlantis Computing customers to ensure that the user experience consistently exceeds that of a physical PC.”

Jeff McNaught, executive director, Dell Wyse: “There is a pervasive problem with VDI projects undersizing the resources needed per desktop to deliver acceptable desktop performance. Oftentimes this results in users having diminished experience with virtual desktops. SysTrack MarketPlace helps IT teams identify the optimal system specifications required to deliver the desired virtual desktop user experience.”

Parmeet Chaddha, vice president Partner Solutions, EMC Corporation: “EMC is committed to helping customers get the most value from their IT infrastructure. SysTrack MarketPlace helps customers assess the optimal EMC storage infrastructure for their deployments, and helps to quantify performance gains that can be achieved from implementing EMC storage solutions. This provides our customers and partners with the ability to tune and monitor their deployments and ensure peak performance while achieving maximum ROI.”

Alex Aizman, chief technology officer, Nexenta Systems: “Enterprise customers are looking for ways to optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure deployments and the SysTrack MarketPlace leverages NexentaVSA for View’s OpenStorage architecture to simplify VDI deployments. We are excited to be working with Lakeside Software to bring customers a solution that reduces total cost of ownership associated with a VDI, enhances user experience, and improves IT efficiency.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions for IT professionals. SysTrack gives IT professionals the actionable intelligence to effectively manage IT transformation projects. With superior data, IT makes smarter decisions that enhance user experience and productivity, improve IT efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. Please visit for more information.

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