Panduit Physical Infrastructure Manager™ Software Platform v3.0 for Smart Data Centers and Connected Buildings Helps to Lower Infrastructure Risks and Costs

Panduit announces the launch of its Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform Version 3.0, which will help customers reduce infrastructure risks and costs. Through intelligent, real-time management of the physical infrastructure, the PIM™ Software Platform, designed and developed by Panduit Corp. in the United States, increases the reliability and efficiency of enterprise networks and network operations in smart data centers and connected buildings.

Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure SM (UPI) based solutions leverage an intelligent physical infrastructure as the foundation for enabling convergence across communication, computing, control, power, and security systems. These end-to-end solutions drive operational and financial advantages across the enterprise, allowing businesses to improve reliability, reduce costs, heighten agility, and support sustainability initiatives.

Enabling Panduit’s UPI approach, the PIM™ Software Platform helps to manage the integration of key infrastructure elements by providing the ability to view both the physical and logical topology of an infrastructure and extend real-time intelligence through both layers. This “end-to-end visibility” enables systems consolidation and network convergence, thereby improving availability, interoperability, and security while reducing operating costs.

“Our UPI approach is about aligning the physical infrastructure to the logical layers of the network. This is how customers will truly be able to deploy a smarter, unified business foundation,” said Vineeth Ram, VP Global Strategic Marketing, Panduit. “Our software strategy is critical to this approach. Our product portfolio offers solutions necessary to connect and manage the physical components for a reliable infrastructure. However, we specifically designed the PIM™ Software Platform as the intelligence that automates the physical infrastructure elements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of network and systems infrastructure operations.”

“This new PIM™ Software Platform release not only meets today’s business requirements, it offers a well-designed roadmap to address the challenges of tomorrow in smart data centers and connected buildings by leveraging real-time information and energy optimization to enable efficient infrastructure operations.”

The browser-based PIM TM Software Platform Version 3.0 works with PanView iQ™ (PViQ™) System Hardware to locally or remotely monitor complex physical infrastructure connectivity for management and automation of network processes. This visibility into the physical infrastructure helps quickly identify and resolve connectivity risks, find and reclaim available or underutilized network capacity, and automate real-time and accurate connectivity documentation. The results are minimized network downtime risks (supporting service level agreements), improved network capacity planning and resource provisioning, and overall reduced capital and operating costs.

The PIM™ Software Platform Version 3.0 serves as the foundation for a complete, end-to-end intelligent physical infrastructure. Future capabilities will include enhanced management and monitoring of power, cooling, and space. These capabilities will augment industry leading systems and services management capabilities by aligning the physical infrastructure to the system and application layers to enable more strategic decisions around capacity planning, service provisioning, and problem management.

As part of Gartner’s 28th Annual Data Center Conference in Las Vegas on Dec. 1-4, Panduit will showcase the new PIM™ Software Platform Version 3.0 at booth “X” along with Smart Data Center solutions, High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) solutions, and energy-efficient Green Data Cabinet Systems.

Visit to learn how the PIM™ Software Platform’s real-time information can provide operational and energy efficiencies for the enterprise.

For additional information, request the PIM™ Software Platform and PViQ™ Systems Brochure (SA-PVCB18) through Panduit customer service: Web: • email: • phone: 800-777-3300

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