Mu Dynamics Honored as One of the ‘Top 20 Products in Last 20 Years’ by SC Magazine

In determining recipients of the ‘Top 20 Products in the Last 20 Years’ honors, SC Magazine Technology Editor and Norwich University Chief Information Security Officer Peter Stephenson notes: “There has been ‘an evolution in security products’ over the last twenty years. The Mu test solution embodies many of the positive aspects of this evolution. The power and flexibility of the Mu solution to rapidly test any IP service or product by using existing customer scripts, or joining the thousands of users leveraging community content from site as the basis for testing is what makes their solution worthy of this recognition as one of the top information security products to hit the market over these many, many years.”

Stephenson, also a professor in Norwich’s Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) program, added: “Just when we think we’ve exhausted the value of the Mu, our teams find something new and exciting to test that addresses the needs of my Norwich staff, students and SC Magazine reviewers. These capabilities include test automation, customization and the ability to emulate the logic of the IP service under test. The team at Mu has consistently incorporated our product feedback and enabled multiple aspects of resilience and security testing, while giving our teams an ability to test in ways we could only dream of before.”

“Our success as a company is a direct result of our partnership with our customers , and by focusing technical innovation on the challenges we see our operator and vendor users trying to overcome,” said Adam Stein, VP Marketing of Mu Dynamics. “This recognition further validates that the Mu Test Suite delivers enormous value in the form of reduced time to test during development and improving IP service deployment quality. Mu’s user satisfaction continues to affirm our position in the marketplace as a leading innovator.”

This recognition is the latest in a long list of the more than 25 honors and awards Mu has earned over the last 4 years from such authorities as Frost & Sullivan, IDC, Infoworld, Internet Telephony, Light Reading, Network World, Red Herring, SC Magazine , and others.

Mu’s Test Suite is proven to deliver a more than 10-fold productivity improvement over traditional testing solutions. Mu’s solution helps customers deliver higher quality IP services faster and at lower cost across the Network Infrastructure, Wired & Mobile services, Cloud Computing services, Government services, and Smart Grid operator-vendor ecosystems .

It does this by:

  • Accurately emulating the logic of the IP service to provide thorough testing of the actual service – not just individually testing the underlying components
  • Driving multiple types of data by sampling IP service traffic including customer content , Mu content and/or third-party content (e.g., Mu’s PCAPr site: ) in order to accurately emulate system behavior
  • Enabling multiple aspects of testing including Functional, Interoperability, Resilience, and Security in a single platform so work done by customers can be leveraged across testing disciplines

About Mu Dynamics

Mu Dynamics’ testing solution offers a more than 10-fold effectiveness gain in IP Services testing with better time to market, lower cost and higher quality. The award-winning Mu solution is deployed at over 100 locations, primarily at leading global service providers, government agencies, and product vendors. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, more information on Mu’s products, customers and solutions are online at .