DeepField Launches Products Powered by its Groundbreaking Cloud Genome Technology

DeepField emerged from stealth-mode today announcing its breakthrough analytics and cloud intelligence solutions for operators of complex cloud and network infrastructure, including content providers, carriers, and large enterprise. DeepField’s unique “Cloud Genome” technology automatically learns and decodes the complex building blocks of public and private cloud services.

DeepField’s wildly scalable Cloud Intelligence virtual appliances use the Cloud Genome to analyze massive volumes of real-time cloud and networking data — providing detailed visibility and real-time cost analytics for some of the largest networking and cloud companies in the world. The DeepField virtual appliances enable providers to more quickly launch new services, optimize cost, and improve the performance and availability of their cloud infrastructure.

“The cloud is the largest and most complex technology created in human history,” said DeepField president and cofounder Dr. Craig Labovitz. “Services now run everywhere and anywhere, presenting a bewildering array of business, IT, and security options and challenges. DeepField provides the tools for enterprises and providers to navigate this increasingly complex, competitive, and highly dynamic cloud environment.”

Dan Rayburn, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan said, “The Internet content and video distribution market is in a period of rapidly evolving economic relationships — one in need of new technologies that give companies deeper insight into their business. The DeepField solution is one of those unique technologies and is something really needed in the market”.

DeepField said today it is live with its first paying customers and is in private trials with more than a dozen large cloud operators, content providers, and enterprises. Public betas are scheduled to begin later this month.

The DeepField team includes world-class experts on Internet architecture and big data, including members of the engineering team behind the original Internet (NSFNet) and Arbor Networks, a recently acquired security vendor with products deployed in over 70% of Internet backbones. Labovitz’s seminal research over the last two decades provided the foundation DeepField and served as a catalyst for significant changes in commercial Internet routing software implementations throughout the world. His work was recently recognized with the prestigious ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award in 2008.

The company is venture funded by DFJ Mercury and RPM Ventures.

About DeepField, Inc.

DeepField builds intelligence solutions and services for a world where “The Cloud” has fundamentally changed computing and networking. DeepField’s Cloud Genome based products provide scalable and cost-effective real-time control of the economics, performance, and availability of large network and cloud infrastructure. DeepField is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was founded in 2011.