Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces SpectraQ™ Analytical Software

Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AIT), a leading manufacturer of FTIR and FT-NIR spectrometers for process development and real-time on-line analysis has announced the introduction of its new SpectraQ Analytical Software package.

SpectraQ enables the effective use of AIT’s Analect™ FTIR and FT-NIR instruments and sampling accessories for routine laboratory analysis and instrument validation. SpectraQ is a software application designed to collect calibration spectra and perform routine quantitative analysis on samples.

“SpectraQ enhances the customer’s experience through an easy-to-use intuitive user interface,” said Joe LaConte, President of AIT. “With flexible customization, it supports multiple analysis methods and data collection parameters.”

SpectraQ software works in the SpectraRTS™ applications environment. SpectraRTS is AIT’s primary on-line analyzer control, integration, and analysis software for its line of Analect products.

“The ability of SpectraQ to seamlessly interface with our SpectraRTS™ process spectroscopy software provides the critical link between laboratory and process FTIR development environments,” said Robert Hegger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for AIT. “And the ability to provide multi-language support creates a global product.”

Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc., with an installed base of over 2200 systems worldwide, is expert in manufacturing rugged and reliable process analyzers. Products include Analect™ FTIR/FT-NIR, FXi™ Gas Chromatographs, MGA™ Mass Spectrometers, PIONIR® dispersive near infrared and RPM™ Raman photometers and spectrometers. AIT has earned recognition for providing high quality products with low maintenance costs.

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