Online Gift-Buyers Can Record Companion Video or Voice Messages That Go With Their Gifts

A San Francisco start-up, is offering retailers’ gift-buyers the ability to record a companion voice or video message with each purchase. Directions on how to access the waiting message and a pin number go with each gift to their gift-recipients. Due to the simultaneous arrival of the gift with the message, a gift-buyer’s intended emotional impact is assured.

“Without a doubt, is going to be the standard in the retail industry, and if retailers don’t have it, they will not be able to compete,” stated founder Peter Kagel. “I also believe that gift-buyers will tend to buy more top-of-the-line gifts because they will be more emotionally invested knowing that they will be recording a personalized-heartfelt message that goes with each gift. Gift-recipients can download the video or voice message and enjoy it forever.”

Kagel went on, “I believe the reason this has not been done before is because there could be lots of complicated ‘moving parts’ in a given retailer’s system. However, no matter how complicated a retailer’s system might be and no matter how large it is, these are not insurmountable impediments to us. We employ one of Silicon Valley’s most reputable and prestigious Internet-engineering firms. Not only are we capable of building our service into any given retail system, but we also carry the message traffic. Our engineering firm has successfully completed complicated projects on behalf of such Fortune 500 companies as Intel, National Semiconductor, Ford, Honda and Visa.

“Hooking up is a simple process. The retailer fills out the contact form. A nondisclosure agreement is signed, which protects both parties, and then, after taking an engineering survey, we make a bid. Our service can be a profit center or a free add-on. Our trademarked ‘finger and bow’ reminder logo can be placed on the retailer’s website to initiate the recording process and will be an obvious recognizable icon that the retailer uses our service.”

Kagel, who started in the mailroom of an advertising agency and ended up being a trial lawyer, is transitioning his career from the “hate business” to the “love business.” He happily stated, “Our service is a natural. Gift-buyers want to explain the reasons for their purchase so that their gift-recipients will be able to understand the deepness of their relationships. Retailers are really in the love business.”

Kagel has been in the messaging business since 1993 when he established 1(800)REMINDS. “800 telephone numbers are largely irrelevant thanks to the Internet, which is one of the most empowering inventions in the history of man. It’s wonderful to be able to use it to spread love,” he concluded.

Contact: Peter Kagel at (415) 346-9217.