Cake Systems(SM) Software Awarded Contract with Red River Valley Community Action (RRVCA)

Earth Advantage Institute (EAI), a nonprofit sustainable building organization, is proud to announce its Cake Systems energy efficiency software will be used by Red River Valley Community Action (RRVCA).

RRVCA located in Grand Forks, North Dakota will be utilizing Cake Systems software and generating the Earth Advantage Institute-developed Energy Performance Score (EPS) label in their new 401(e) Home Energy Plan. RRVCA, using a new loan product, will leverage Cake Systems as the “roadmap for energy efficiency” for homeowners in their territory. RRVCA named the program 401(e) to play off of the idea of a 401(k). RRVCA is partnering with local employers and credit unions to offer 401(e) as an employee benefit plan. The benefits, in this case, are energy-efficient home improvements that transform the home while providing an excellent return on investment. Jason Schaefer, coordinator for RRVCA said, “We are excited to partner with the Earth Advantage Institute. Cake Systems Software will be a key to the success of the 401(e) Home Energy Plan.”

Cake Systems software provides a fast, accurate and flexible solution for utility programs focused on improving home energy efficiency. Cake Systems is built on the “SIMPLE” algorithm developed by nationally recognized energy efficiency expert, Michael Blasnik. Cake Systems uses its core auditing software as the foundation for a customized software suite that fits elegantly into energy efficiency programs to dramatically increase audit-to-retrofit conversion rates. The software is designed to allow home performance contractors to deliver an EPS label used to provide homeowners with a clear and concise description of their home’s estimated energy use and carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency programs in Washington State, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama, Oregon, and now North Dakota are currently using Cake Systems software. Independent energy auditors are also using the software in New Mexico, Maryland, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and Illinois.

RRVCA has been active in the home energy improvement field for over three decades. 401(e) Home Energy Plan is a program established to reduce energy waste by encouraging homeowners to take direct action. 401(e) offers no-money-down, easy financing and simple qualifications

About Earth Advantage Institute
Earth Advantage Institute works with the building and design industry to implement sustainable building practices. Its nonprofit mission is to create an immediate, practical, and cost-effective path to sustainability and carbon reduction in the built environment. The organization achieves its objectives through a range of innovative certification, education, and technical services programs. Residential energy efficiency programs nationwide use its Energy Performance Score (EPS) label.