Badgeville and Acquia Partner to Deliver First Gamification Platform Capability for Thousands of Drupal Communities

Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behavior management platform, today announced the launch of Badgeville for Drupal, the first integration to drive user generated content and other rich user behaviors on top of popular websites and online communities. With this announcement, Badgeville becomes the first gamification platform to offer a pre-packaged integration with Drupal, the leading open-source platform for building rich content, social and commerce experiences.

Badgeville for Drupal makes it easy to apply engagement mechanics on top of Drupal-powered websites. Badgeville for Drupal can drive and reward myriad behaviors, including starting discussion forums, writing and replying to blog posts, and commenting. By creating a more sticky experience on top of Drupal’s rich content tools, companies leveraging Badgeville for Drupal can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

“Our Badgeville for Drupal integration helps us power The Nest, our social loyalty program for Mother Nature Network,” says Hope Dlugozima, Vice President of the Mother Nature Network, an online media site delivering environmental and sustainability news. “By leveraging Badgeville to reward key Drupal behaviors — such as our Green Blog posts, reader comments, and uploading videos — we’re able to inject a fun, engaging experience for our users who interact with content, helping generate repeat visits and a more loyal audience.”

“This partnership with Badgeville lets Acquia customers create an even more exciting and engaging experience on top of their Drupal-powered communities,” says Peter Guagenti, vice president of products at Acquia. “Badgeville’s gamification platform is a natural extension of our Drupal Commons social business software, or any web experience built in Drupal. We have a number of customers who are using the two products together with great results, and we’re excited for more customers to use this integration in the coming months.”

“We’re proud to deliver the first integration between our industry-leading gamification and behavior platform and Drupal,” says Kris Duggan, Badgeville’s CEO. “Drupal is a powerhouse in community software. In fact, we’ve chosen to deploy Drupal ourselves for The Badgeville Community, using a combination of both Drupal and our capabilities. In addition to the dozens of Drupal deployments we already support, we believe our community provides a powerful demonstration of the two platforms working together.”

Other customers that are layering gamification on top of their Drupal-powered communities include iVillage, Paypal’s X.commerce, and more. Customers of Badgeville have seen massive increases in customer loyalty and employee engagement, including:

  • 500 percent increase in user comments
  • 140 percent growth in time on site
  • 20 percent increase in conversion rates
  • 60 percent increase in employee engagement
  • 25 percent acceleration in sales cycles

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About Badgeville

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