Video Army Launches Investor Relations Initiative to Bring Modern Communications to Antiquated Industry

Video Army, a Los Angeles-based Strategic Marketing Firm whose client portfolio includes notable brands such as Christie’s Great Estates, Gatorade, and Ford, has announced the launch of an IR initiative that will offer modern communications and media services to an industry that is in dire need of a makeover.

Today, 75% of professional investors perform online research and use corporate websites daily or weekly. It is imperative for corporations to establish their brand online and embrace new media, as traditional methods alone will no longer be effective.

The initiative, a partnership between Video Army and Financial Communications will combine traditional IR/PR methods, as well as new media solutions to access new investors and legacy stakeholders. The solution will allow organizations to open the lines of communications between their customers, partners, and most importantly their investors.

George Moseman, an investment banker and newly named CFO for Video Army , remarked: “Traditional IR and PR methods have been largely ineffective when companies have relied solely on these methods to carry the corporate message. Conferences, road shows, and superfluous press releases do not always translate into long term support. Our goal is to communicate, educate, and access a new universe of investors, thereby increasing the shareholder base.”

Added Howard Isaacs, Founder of Financial Communications: “This initiative clearly serves one major purpose: to get the IR/PR industry up to speed with current trends in how to communicate and positively influence investors buying decisions. New media provides unique leveraging opportunities that have only become available within the past year. The new stakeholder wants to be able to research the company quickly, independently and take the cue to buy from a trusted online community. The companies that understand and act upon this new value proposition will enjoy a disproportionate benefit going forward.”

To learn more about the Video Army IR Initiative and current service offerings, visit: . For interviews with Video Army or Financial Communications key personnel, contact Rebekah Iliff: or call 310-770-8338.