TopSoft Announces New OCR-Capable Document Camera

TopSoft, a leading innovator in image processing and optical character reading technologies, today announced the release of its latest product, the 5.0 MP SnapVision Document Camera. This advanced optical scanner and software package incorporates advanced optical character recognition (OCR) capability and can produce high-quality digital reproductions of documents and other printed materials. With a base price of only $89.95, the new SnapVision Document Camera is ideal for scanning and maintaining digital copies of important records, including books and magazines, without making a major investment in scanning hardware.

The SnapVision Document Camera can be configured to produce several different output formats to make it easy to integrate the resulting digital documents into workflows and projects. Its unique combination of high-end hardware and exclusive software features is designed to provide maximum flexibility for users in managing their document digitization needs. The exclusive real-time image preview and capture ensures the quality of the results and allows adjustments to be made on the fly for greater productivity. Additionally, the SnapVision Document Camera includes a text-to-speech function for easy conversion and improved versatility. The software also incorporates a built-in search function, a Google Translate shortcut, an accessibility-enhanced keyboard user interface and advanced image processing functions to produce the highest quality and best results.

The exceptional OCR functionality of TopSoft’s SnapVision Document Camera sets it apart from other low-cost OCR alternatives. This advanced device includes a second software application that provides OCR support for Russian, Japanese and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters. SnapVision’s main program supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Italian and Norwegian, making the integrated SnapVision Document Camera system a valuable asset in the global marketplace. Supported OCR text output formats include PDF and TXT as well as HTML and RTF formats to ensure compatibility with a wide range of business needs. E-book formats are also supported for added portability and convenience. In addition to having the ability to save the OCR text output in searchable PDF format, SnapVision also provides full support for reading and writing multi-page PDF image files. This “scan to PDF” feature allows you to easily archive any book or document as a compressed high resolution PDF image file. The SnapVision Document Camera system features plug-and-play USB functionality for added time savings and ease of use.

TopSoft’s SnapVision Document Camera combines cutting-edge software applications with a high-performance scanning device to create a versatile, full-function OCR and scanning system all for only $89.95. This exclusive combination of software and hardware is designed to provide outstanding functionality and is an exceptional investment in digital data creation, manipulation and storage for a wide range of commercial and private uses.

About TopSoft

Founded in 1993, TopSoft initially provided design and development services for European consumer electronics companies. The company’s mission expanded to include exceptional scanning devices that could be paired with its innovative software designs. Today, TopSoft is a leading innovator and recognized name in the OCR software and hardware solutions marketplace. SnapVision’s Document Camera and software package will provide a low-cost alternative for small business owners and individuals looking for top quality without the prohibitive price tag.