Opens U.S. Subsidiary and Launches Its First Online Game in U.S. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CYOU), China’s leading online game developer and operator opened its U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley and aims to introduce its hugely successful online games in Asia to American gamers. The company’s first release in the U.S. market Dragon Oath will launch Open Beta Nov. 5. Dragon Oath , which has run in Asia for over three years, has over 75 million registered players and 910,000 concurrent users. Players are invited to download the client on .

“Opening a U.S. subsidiary is part of ChangYou’s long-term strategy and will definitely bring us long-term benefits,” said Martin Tan, general manager of (US) Inc. “We came to U.S. at a most difficult time of economy. That shows our confidence in the prospects of U.S. gaming industry.” Ltd. , which operates the most popular online games in China, went public in America in April and raised $120 million. Its share price jumped 25 percent on its first day on the NASDAQ, and is now trading at 110 percent over its initial IPO price. Its Q3 revenue figures show a record high of $68.7 million, which represents a 3% increase over Q2 revenues and a 26% year-over-year increase. Ltd. currently runs three online games and has at least three titles planned for future release. All these games are to be launched in North America, too.

In October, Ltd. became the first Chinese licensee for CryENGINE3, the world’s best game development solution, and updated its product plan to bring greater gaming experiences to customers.

Dragon Oath , an award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), has been ranked as the most anticipated martial arts online game by U.S. gamers. It focuses on community building through marriage, teams, guilds and master/disciple relationships. With over 300 different martial arts skills, 136 armor sets with up to 116 million combinations of weapons, 276 thousand pets of different attributes and 100 automated in-game live events 24/7, players will have endless excitements as they work to become a Martial Arts Master!

Dragon Oath is a five-year labor of love by 500 top programmers with a $200 million total investment. What was brought to the U.S. market is an ultimate version after three years of constant developments and updates in Asia.