midem Hack Day 2013: Developers Get Together to Build a Brand-new Generation of Music Apps

midem 2013 will host the third edition of the midem Hack Day, allowing 30 app developers from around the globe to demonstrate creativity and innovation by hacking the next-generation of music related apps, in a 48-hour ingenious marathon during midem. Organised by Reed MIDEM, midem 2013 will take place in Cannes, 26-29 January.

On Saturday 26 January, 30 international app developers, selected by Music Hack Day organisers, will gather on the midem Innovation Factory stage for a one-hour call for ideas session where midem participants will pitch them hack ideas. The hackers will then have 48 hours to conceptualise, collaborate and build a brand-new generation of music-related hacks, apps, software, hardware, music, art… Hackers will freely utilise available application programming interfaces (APIs) which allow them to incorporate advanced functionalities without having to build everything from scratch. All applications built will be unveiled and demonstrated to the midem audience at the end of the hacking, on Monday 28 January.

Submissions can be made until Friday 23 November 2012, from designers, front-end developers, software engineers, mobile app developers, who can be in Cannes, France, from 26-29 January 2013. Applicants should also submit a hack idea along with their applications — they won’t have to build that particular hack during midem, but midem Hack Day organizers need to get an idea of the kind of hack they’d be interested in working on.

“The music industry is more and more interested in working with hackers,” said Bruno Crolot, Director of the Music Markets at Reed MIDEM. “At midem, the music community is involved in the creation process of new music-related apps; artists, managers, labels, have a chance to express their hack ideas to the developers and all midem participants are the first to get a glimpse at a new and global wave of music apps.”

The 18 apps created during the 2012 midem Hack Day truly demonstrate the tech community’s creativity and innovation around music. Several of the hacks attracted immediate attention from labels interested in creating their own versions for official use. The event also inspired Brazilian artist Taynah Reis, who created her own company after midem based on the hack idea she expressed to the hackers. One of the apps invented at midem Hack Day is the site “Takes Questions,” which went on sale shortly after midem. Emerging from the encounter between singer/songwriter Imogen Heap and developers at midem Hack Day, “Takes Questions” has since been used by numerous artists.

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