Introduces New B2B Promotion Model, one of the world’s leading B2B trade websites, is now changing the traditional B2B model all over the world. The introduction of the three-in-one integration of WBS (Website + B2B + SEM) as the intelligent and global e-commerce platform has been warmly received by the industry, with the platform being seen as the introduction to B2B 3.0. The practical effects are also recognized and win great attention from traders. Unlike traditional B2B websites, the WBS mode is designed to set up a quick and convenient bridge between customers and suppliers. Customers can start 1-to-1 commercial talks with suppliers by visiting the product offers released by suppliers on the B2B platform provided by and by going into the suppliers’ website. Tradett offers a direct showcasing platform for suppliers, and a quick and easy channel to find suppliers for customers, helping customers to quickly obtain information about the suppliers’ ability and brand.

In order to avoid peer malicious competition, Tradett has introduced the world’s first limited-rank that shows 20 corporate members, and ranks by product detail quality. In 2009, Tradett was honored as one of the fastest growing, and as having the best investment potential, in the e-commerce platform sector.’s Features

Tradett’s commerce website’s “company library” is the world’s information library. Tradett offers enterprise information by industry and product categories, and the library is not only offers purchase information, but also the chance of company-to-company cooperation.

Updated daily, you can see new members in Tradett every day, providing the very best chance of finding the perfect partner.

Given the scope of Tradett, the platform offers buyers and sellers with much needed commodities and the most valuable commercial opportunities in a timely and effective manner. Tradett currently has a worldwide network that helps create an infinite number of commercial opportunities. also offers an industry-leading specialized trade search engine. Tradett classifies by region, nation, projects, field, importers, manufactures and service industries. By taking advantage of Tradett’s powerful search function, it will be easier to find the relevant supply and demand information.

Statistics show that of the registered members of, 53% have purchasing behavior. That means the registered members from are more than half of the company’s core customers and potential buyers. currently has 13 million monthly page views. The platform overall is on the rise under the current financial turmoil by comparing some known B2B platforms’ visits which are not on the rise but are falling.Therefore, is clearly recognized and appreciated by traders.

About was established in May of 2008. The headquarters is set up in Hangzhou, the e-commerce city of China. introduces a unique, world-leading B2B promotion model, with the special technology advantage and experienced marketing that successfully offers the qualified overseas promotion services for more than 10,000 foreign trade members, and wins a good reputation from customers.