Help others remember and act with Astrid’s new Remind Me button

Productivity and reminders app Astrid announced their Remind Me button and WordPress plugin today. Bloggers use these tools to help their readers implement the advice from their blogs. With the Remind Me button pinned to action items in a blog post, readers can quickly add advice from blogs to their to-do lists or calendar or get a future reminder via email.

“We’re excited about the plugin because it’ll make it super easy for bloggers to inspire their readers to take action. It’s one thing to read about ’10 things you can do in under 5 minutes to better market your startup’; it’s another to set reminders for yourself against a clear timeline,” said Jon Paris, Astrid’s co-founder and CEO.

The plugin is in beta and launches with a group of early adopters including Rocket Lawyer, Loop11, DINKlife, SmartyPants Vitamins, Clever Zebo and a few others.

“On the Rocket Lawyer blog we provide information and tips to help our readers make the law work for them. The Astrid plugin makes it easy for us to help our readers remember to put these tips into practice days,” says Jenny Greenhough, Content Manager at Rocket Lawyer.

The WordPress plugin’s key benefit to bloggers is that it keeps readers coming back to the blog as their reminders take effect. While readers who add reminders stay anonymous, the author can get an overview of how many readers intend to act, what percentage are getting things done, and at what rate they are finishing.

“Bloggers who take the couple minutes to incorporate the Remind Me button understand that readers need help remembering,” elaborates Paris. “When they get reminders, users not only get a refresher of the author’s ideas, but also can easily revisit the original article.”

Remind Me buttons and links can be used as a social retention tool to bring visitors back to sites. However, unlike other retention tools — automated email marketing and retargeting display ads, for example — Remind Me buttons give users the ability to opt in and choose their own calls to action.

The Astrid Remind Me plugin is available via the WordPress Plugin Directory and individual links can be created on Astrid’s website. Astrid’s popular to-do list is available for iPhone, Android, and on the web at