TenAsys Announces Multi-RTOS Support for Windows Systems

TenAsys® Corporation ( www.tenasys.com ), a leading supplier of real-time operating system software for Intel Architecture processors, announces that embedded system developers can now run multiple instances of the INtime® real-time operating systems alongside Windows on the same multi-core processor platform. Allowing for this advanced functionality is the release of INtime® 4.0 real-time OS for Windows.

Previously, embedded systems requiring multiple real-time OSes and Windows needed to employ multiple independent processor platforms. By consolidating operating environments into a single platform, embedded system suppliers can obtain significant cost savings and improved scalability of processing power.

INtime 4.0’s multiple-RTOS feature provides a key advantage over multi-tasking systems employing a single RTOS. Now developers don’t have to be burdened with the possibility of multiple, high-priority real-time processes interfering with one another. Time-critical processes can be fixed to run on their own cores of a multi-core processor, promoting modular design of real-time systems without the difficulty of resolving priorities between deterministic processes.

“Today’s engine test beds require the highest possible control accuracy,” says Bernhard Hochstrasser, software development engineer for AVL’s Test Bed Automation and Control Systems Business Unit. “We had been pleased with the real-time performance of INtime 3.1, but INtime 4.0 offers us new opportunities to advance our technology. We are now using multiple INtime cores for shorter control cycles and higher throughput.”

“INtime 4.0 enables developers to keep pace with the latest in hardware and software technologies,” said TenAsys VP. Kim Hartman, “and TenAsys is at the forefront of making this support available for multi-core Intel processor systems.”

Requests for an evaluation copy of INtime 4.0 can be submitted at: http://www.tenasys.com/intime .

About TenAsys

TenAsys Corporation, specializes in operating software for the embedded computer industry, designed and optimized for the Intel® x86 platforms using Microsoft® Windows® OS and Visual Studio® development environments.

Since 1980, customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control in a wide array of mission-critical applications including: medical, telecom, industrial control, robotics, test and measurement, and military applications.