PKWARE Introduces vZip; Software To Address The Security Vulnerabilities Of Dormant Virtual Machines

PKWARE, Inc., the industry leader in enterprise data security products, today announced vZip™, a software application that secures and reduces sensitive data within dormant virtual machines. PKWARE vZip allows organizations utilizing virtual infrastructures to enhance security, achieve compliance, lower storage costs, and reduce IT complexity by encrypting and compressing unused virtual machines.

With vZip, organizations eliminate costs related to non-compliance and data security breaches. Organizations that must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security regulations will satisfy the specific PCI requirement of securing dormant virtual machines with vZip. Additionally, enterprises can lower physical and cloud storage costs by reducing storage needs. Because vZip plugs directly into the VMware® vSphere® environment, it reduces complexity. vZip is easily installed and requires minimal user training.

“With more than half of all data center workloads now virtualized, enterprises need defined virtualization security processes,” according to Neil MacDonald, Vice President, VP and Gartner Fellow Emeritus. “Dormant virtual machines pose a more significant security risk than their physical counterparts. Stealing a VM becomes as simple as stealing a file. VMs, like files, should be encrypted to protect their contents and be protected from tampering.”

“Prior to the introduction of vZip, there was no cost-effective way to easily secure virtual machines within the administrator workflow,” said John Courtney, Senior Director of the Virtualization Practice at PKWARE. “vZip reduces the storage requirements of dormant VMs by up to 80%, allowing the software to pay for itself. Security-minded companies can meet PCI compliance regulations and reap the additional benefit of saving storage costs.”

The new version of vZip is available immediately. Please visit for additional information.

About PKWARE, Inc.
PKWARE, the industry leader in enterprise data security products, has a history rooted in innovation, starting with the creation of the .ZIP file in 1986. Since then, PKWARE has been at the forefront of creating products for reducing and protecting data – from mainframe to servers to desktops and now- into the virtualization market. With a consistent focus on data security innovation, PKWARE has developed vZip to secure and reduce dormant Virtual Machines.

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