OnSight Launches Project Management Software Solution

OnSight Inc. , a technology company focused on project productivity performance software for the construction industry , today announced their newest web-based product offering, ZoomPMC . ZoomPMC allows customers to capture relevant job-site data and then track labor and materials consumption against a budget and a project timeline.

ZoomPMC uses the best of today’s technology to capture various job-site data points via an easy to use interface installed on a smartphone that allows users to “zoom-in” on job-site information. This information has a direct impact on production and includes data related to labor/tasks, change orders, delay types, and materials/equipment usage – to name a few.

In addition, using GPS technology , all collected data is properly recorded to the right job-site every time — a huge feat that was largely unobtainable until now. Once data is collected, it is immediately transmitted where it is processed, compared to project budgets and timelines, and then presented to the customer in simple web-based consoles.

ZoomPMC benefits include:

  • increased productivity
  • reduction in labor costs
  • on-time-on-budget delivery
  • more accurate job costing and estimating
  • shorter payroll processing times
  • greater ability to manage more projects at the same time with less executive oversight
  • reduced workers compensation costs through a task-tied-to-class code association

ZoomPMC is designed to remove the guesswork and address a variety of serious challenges facing an industry that has long been overlooked by technology. Will McCuen, chief operating officer of OnSight, recalls, “When visiting construction sites, we repeatedly heard from subcontractors that were frustrated over bad data and the length of time to reconcile payroll as a result. And, as their people, materials, and equipment constantly moved from job to job, tracking true job costs became nearly impossible. With ZoomPMC, OnSight gave them control over labor – their biggest expense – and helped them process payroll faster and develop more accurate job estimates .”

ZoomPMC software includes rule-based alert capabilities that allow customers to define when and how they want to be notified, and under what circumstances. The alerts provide real-time actionable data and places ZoomPMC well ahead of the competition, giving users the ability to act on specific conditions before they become serious problems.

Affordably priced, the ZoomPMC application has a return-on-investment of less than 6 months for most businesses, and many customers see a 1:5 return based on each dollar spent. For more information about ZoomPMC, contact OnSight at (864) 517-1182 or visit the website at www.zoompmc.com .

About OnSight

OnSight is a technology company headquartered in Greenville, SC that creates business management tools such as ZoomPMC project management software to ensure faster, more accurate information. In an effort to improve production at multiple levels, OnSight is focused on the needs of companies whose personnel, materials, and equipment routinely move from job-site to job-site.

ZoomPMC is a real-time project management software solution that was developed, trademarked and patented by OnSight. ZoomPMC tracks and captures key metrics in the field such as time, labor, material, inventory levels and consumption, task descriptions, and equipment usage. The web-based application allows companies to better manage their projects and improve their margins and quality of outcomes.

For more information about ZoomPMC and its productivity measurement capabilities, contact OnSight at (864) 517-1182 or visit the website at www.zoompmc.com .