Pervasive Software Expands Data Integration in the Cloud

Pervasive Software® Inc. (NASDAQ: PVSW ), a global value leader in data integration and data management software, today announced the launch of Pervasive Data Integrator™ on Pervasive DataCloud® 2 , further extending its technology lead in delivering agility, exceptional connectivity and seamless scalability for data and application integration.

The combination of Pervasive Data Integrator’s universal connectivity and the scalable Pervasive DataCloud platform allows customers and partners to rapidly configure and deliver Integration-as-a-Service solutions that dramatically cut traditional integration costs. Because Pervasive Data Integrator executes on Pervasive DataCloud 2, it provides users with the freedom to choose where integration takes place – on the cloud, on-premises or a combination of the two.

“We have been connecting to the cloud longer than many integration companies have been around and we have more than a thousand SaaS customers that have gone into production,” said Mike Hoskins, Pervasive CTO and general manager of Integration Products. “As we continue to expand and strengthen the breadth of our offerings, our customers can now utilize integration that can be easily developed and deployed in the cloud or on-premises, enabling them to initiate a move to the cloud or leverage new cloud applications and sources.”

Pervasive DataCloud 2 is Pervasive’s on-demand Data Web Services (DWS) platform that enables integrations to run on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), fully leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). More than 150 Pervasive customers are already in production using integrations hosted on Pervasive’s elastic DataCloud 2, making Pervasive a growing force in Cloud-based integration.

“In practice, agile integration comes from understanding and modeling data so that you have a framework for building integration assets that address the business needs of today without compromising any business needs that may emerge tomorrow,” said David Norfolk, Bloor Research analyst. “It comes from building for reuse with an integration layer that can accommodate present and future needs without constantly increasing complexity. Pervasive’s enhanced data integration offering could extend business agility for a wide range of users.”

About Pervasive Software

Pervasive Software (NASDAQ: PVSW) helps companies get the most out of their data investments through embeddable data management, agile data integration software and by enabling revolutionary next generation analytics. The embeddable Pervasive PSQL™ database engine allows organizations to successfully embrace new technologies while maintaining application compatibility and robust database reliability in a near-zero database administration environment. Pervasive’s multi-purpose data integration platform accelerates the sharing of information between multiple data stores, applications, and hosted business systems and allows customers to re-use the same software for diverse integration scenarios. Pervasive DataRush™ is an embeddable high-performance software platform enabling data-intensive processing applications such as claims processing, risk analysis, fraud detection, data mining, predictive analytics, sales optimization and marketing analytics. For more than two decades, Pervasive products have delivered value to tens of thousands of customers in more than 150 countries with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Through Pervasive Innovation Labs, the company also invests in exploring and creating cutting edge solutions for the toughest data analysis and data delivery challenges. Robin Bloor, founder of Bloor Research and partner at Hurwitz and Associates, recently cited Pervasive as one of the 10 IT Companies to Watch in 2009 . For additional information, go to .