B2E Mobile Financial Services Partners with Performance Payroll

B2E , an alternative financial services company focused on mobility, announced today that it has partnered with Greenville-based Performance Payroll . This technology partnership strengthens the B2E Mobile Financial Services payroll service and allows both organizations to expand their product portfolios. Through the Performance Payroll partnership, B2E will have access to EVOLUTION — the emerging leader in payroll software and services technology.

In use by thousands of customers across the United States, the EVOLUTION platform is robust and utilizes cutting-edge technology . Jose Garcia, president of B2E Mobile Financial Services , commented, “By joining forces with Performance Payroll, B2E is able to better address the payroll needs of employers that have a combination of banked and unbanked employees.” He continued, “We feel this partnership with a nationally-recognized presence yet local payroll provider allows B2E to offer our customers better service and a better product at a more cost-competitive price point .”

David Hudson, principal with Performance Payroll, added, “We believe that the services offered through this partnership serve our customers in ways that no one else can. The combination of our technical strength and services infrastructure with B2E’s mobility components place both our companies at the forefront of payroll services providers.”

B2E is a private company headquartered in Greenville, SC, focusing on mobile financial services for construction companies, landscaping crews, and manufacturers across SC, NC, and GA . Its bilingual staff focuses on employers of the unbanked and other organizations wanting a bank-like service – such as cashing a check, paying bills, or wiring money — when a bank is not convenient or available. Because B2E is mobile and goes directly to the employer’s site or to their remote off-site location, employees obtain money faster and more conveniently than traditional checks and traditional banks.

The B2E offerings include mobile ATMs , complete payroll services , and pay cards (pre-paid debit cards) . Pay cards allow employers to process payroll in a direct deposit manner for employees without bank accounts. For more information about B2E Mobile Financial Services or the Performance Payroll partnership, please visit www.b2emobile.com or call 1.888.567.1252.

About B2E

B2E is headquartered in Greenville, SC and offers mobile financial services including payroll and check cashing services , mobile ATMs , automatic bill payments, and pay cards (pre-paid debit cards) to customers in SC, NC, and GA . By working with construction companies, landscape crews, and manufacturers, B2E serves employers of the banked and unbanked , allowing employees to obtain money faster and more conveniently than traditional checks and banks.

B2E brings mobile financial services right to your door. For more information, visit www.b2emobile.com or call 1.888.567.1252.