ZoomSafer and FiveMobile Help Canadians Comply with New Cell Phone Laws

ZoomSafer, the leading provider of patented solutions to prevent distracted driving , and Five Mobile, it’s Toronto-based software development partner have created an innovative application for BlackBerrys that offers Canadians a simple and inexpensive way to comply with Ontario’s new hands-free cell phone law.

“Driving a car is difficult enough without the distraction of talking on a phone,” said David Kelly, former Acting Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and President of Storm King Strategies, a safety consulting company. “We need to do everything possible to have people put down the phone and make law enforcement’s job easier.”

“ZoomSafer is hands-free software for BlackBerrys that automatically injects context into the driving experience and helps motorists make better decisions,” said Matt Howard, CMO and co-founder of ZoomSafer. “By using ZoomSafer motorists in Ontario can eliminate the temptation to text and email while driving and still use their phones to make and receive hands-free calls.”

“As a Toronto-based software development company we’re thrilled that our efforts with ZoomSafer are enabling our neighbors here in Ontario to be more focused and less distracted while driving and to comply with the new law,” said Ameet Shah, Vice President of Business Development at Five Mobile.

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About ZoomSafer Inc.

ZoomSafer is patented software for mobile phones to prevent distracted driving and help motorists make better decisions, reducing accidents, saving lives, and saving money. For more information, please visit www.zoomsafer.com .

About Five Mobile

Five Mobile creates compelling, robust and scalable mobile applications for brands and enterprises across a multitude of different platforms and handsets. Five Mobile helps take your idea from concept to completion, leveraging extensive experience and proprietary processes. Visit Five Mobile at www.fivemobile.com .