2Wire Selects WANdiscos JIRA MultiSite for Performance and Scalability

WANdisco, a leading provider of infrastructure software for replication, scalability and high availability, today announced that 2Wire, a leading broadband solutions provider has selected WANdisco’s JIRA MultiSite to enable JIRA to perform and scale across its globally distributed development and technical support organizations, without any downtime. JIRA MultiSite is based on Atlassian’s JIRA, the popular issue tracking, bug tracking and project management solution used by more than 11,000 organizations worldwide, including many of the Fortune Global 1000.

“WANdisco’s technology provides enterprise-class performance, scalability and availability that allows our multiple US and offshore product and support groups to access JIRA and share information in real-time, without any downtime,” said Steve Allen, Senior Director of Software and Applications at 2Wire. “We use JIRA MultiSite to track software development projects as well as technical support and customer care in multiple countries with a huge user base. These capabilities are absolutely critical for us.”

JIRA MultiSite leverages WANdisco’s unique, transparent replication technology to turn JIRA into a distributed, enterprise ready application lifecycle management solution that delivers local area network speed performance to users at every location, without changing JIRA’s functionality. Built-in hot backup and automated recovery features eliminate downtime, even during re-indexing and other routine maintenance.

“JIRA’s ease-of-use and full feature set have been the keys to making it one of the most successful issue trackers in the marketplace,” said David Richards, President and CEO of WANdisco. “When JIRA is combined with WANdisco’s proven technology, it achieves the performance, scalability and reliability that large distributed organizations like 2Wire require.”

WANdisco also offers JIRA Clustering, which leverages the same transparent replication technology to overcome the performance bottleneck of a central JIRA server at a single location, with no downtime.

JIRA MultiSite and JIRA Clustering are sold exclusively by WANdisco through an arrangement with Atlassian. JIRA MultiSite and JIRA Clustering can be implemented standalone or in combination with WANdisco’s multi-site and clustering solutions for Subversion and CVS.

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WANdisco is a leading provider of distributed software development solutions. By using WANdisco’s totally unique replication technology, software development can now occur anywhere without any constraints. Fortune Global 1000 companies such as AT&T, Honda, NTT and Motorola rely on WANdisco’s suite of source code management solutions. A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of WANdisco’s Subversion MultiSite revealed a 167% return on investment with a nine month payback period. WANdisco is also a corporate sponsor of the open source Subversion project, and plays an active role with core developers from the project on staff. Subversion is recognized by Forrester as the sole leader in the Standalone Software Configuration Management (SCM) category. For more information, please visit us at http://www.wandisco.com .

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