AVT Founder and Chairman Shannon Illingworth Featured on Business Leader Radio

AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (www.autoretail.com) Founder and Chairman Shannon Illingworth was featured on “Business Leader Radio,” a leading news program. Illingworth was asked in-depth questions about the company’s origins; it’s transformation to becoming a leader in their industry; and a forecast for the future.

When asked what made his company so successful, Illingworth replied, “It’s our team.” He stated that the AVT team has a high work ethic with many ex-athletes and ex-military personnel that are driven by a passion for success. “We all understand the value of focus, perseverance and teamwork,” he added. “We are a team of high performers.”

Asked about the company’s origins, Illingworth, a self-proclaimed “gadget geek,” always had an appreciation for technology and how technical advances could improve the quality of life. So in 2001 he started a new type of a vending company, with an innovative system that dispensed hot foods.

However, Illingworth’s attention was soon drawn toward creating new and innovative systems that could sell retail products of all kinds. He was approached by the immensely popular brand Quiksilver, who wanted to sell board-shorts out of a vending machine by the pool at the Standard Hotel. Illingworth and his team created an automated system that not only sold board-shorts, but sunglasses, suntan lotion, swimsuits and waterproof cameras as well. The machine was a huge hit, and delivered a rapid return on investment.

The future was now clearly visible to the company’s founder.

Over the next few years, AVT focused on developing and designing their own systems, and even were granted a patent – with other patents pending – for their innovative technologies.

Now the company has a large portfolio of customers and is growing at about 50% per year. The company is well diversified, with footprints in medical and healthcare, apparel, electronics, product rentals, media, food and drinks, specialty coffee, and more.

“The future is in these micro-stores,” Illingworth stated. “Now a business or retailer can increase distribution points and have a store virtually anywhere, such as an airport, a college campus, a hotel, a mall, a military base, or anywhere that people congregate.”

He noted that especially in today’s economy, entrepreneurs and business owners want low cost ways to either start a new business or expand an existing operation. “Automated retailing is the solution, and provides both a low cost of entry and a rapid return on investment.”

Host Wade Taylor commented that the possibilities seemed endless. “There are very few limits to what’s possible through automated retailing,” he stated. “People want 24/7 convenience, and that’s what you give them.”

Companies like Walmart may soon have their DVDs and video games available in an automated machine, instead of the current system of locking them up and requiring employee assistance to open the case. “It provides better convenience for the customer and lower employee costs for the store,” Illingworth noted. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

When asked to summarize AVT, Illingworth stated, “We create unique retailing experiences for consumers and innovative solutions for brands and business owners.” And as proven by the company’s rapid and sustained growth, the future for AVT looks bright, indeed.

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For more information on AVT, please call 800-240-5175 or visit the website at www.autoretail.com.

About AVT:

AVT, Inc. is a leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. AVT is able to work with any size company to design a custom automated retailing solution that drives traffic, increases sales, improves security, and lowers overhead. With an in-house design team, software developers, mechanical engineers and on-site manufacturing, AVT can take projects from concept to completion with speed, economy and ingenuity.

AVT’s stock is traded through the OTC Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTC

For more information on AVT, please call 800-240-5175 or visit the website at www.autoretail.com.