Harden Up Enterprises Releases A Controversial New Android App

Harden Up Enterprises Pty Ltd today released their first controversial Android App on the Google Play Store. Called the HardenUpApp ™ it is the only Politically Incorrect App of its kind in the world. The content of the App produces humour-based phrases, audio recordings and statements that have the potential to be emotive, albeit in a satirical and humorous fashion.

Whilst this ‘World’s Toughest App‘ is based upon the principles of Positive Reinforcement, it will generate an enormous amount of public interest due to the subjective and emotional nature regarding one’s beliefs about the boundaries of Political Correctness. It’s an ‘in-your-face’ App that will either delight or upset the user and who they decide to share the content with. Each phrase is subjective in its nature, therefore, users must consider their ‘target audience’ when sharing the content of this App.

The user can choose whether they are male or female as the App contains two libraries of recorded audio phrases, written phrases and Politically Incorrect content that is gender specific. There are also daring animated videos for both male and female versions. Depending on how the user is feeling, they can choose two options, ‘Hard’ represents that they’re feeling tough and confident and ‘Soft’ represents that they’re feeling a little low, sooky or whiny. The shock and awe of the phrases you read and the recordings you hear grabs the user’s attention as soon as they start the App. The humour-based, satirical, Politically Incorrect content and recordings can then be shared via a large number of social media-based options, such as SMS/MMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Following the release of their first Android App (the HardenUpApp™) will be a number of updates that will vastly expand upon the content, audio recordings and Politically Incorrect phrases contained within the App, as well as a proposed build and release of a modified iPhone version of the HardenUpApp™.

The App is available on the Google Play Store now for only 99 cents.