UPEK Launches New Product Line Optimized for Mobile Phone Applications

UPEK®, Inc., the leader in enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions, today launched its new family of touch control solutions for mobile phones with the introduction of its TCS5C TouchStrip® fingerprint sensor. The TCS5C, which enables a new mobile phone user experience and provides mobile device makers with a breakthrough combination of power savings, durability, security and industrial design flexibility, has already achieved multiple significant design wins and is currently being integrated by leading mobile handset manufacturers.

Leveraging UPEK’s TouchStrip technology platform, which has already been proven in the notebook PC market, the TCS5C is the world’s first fingerprint sensor to fully integrate on-sensor touch-processing capabilities that sense finger gestures and convert them into control information used for navigating a phone’s user interface.

Optimized for the mobile phone market, the new TCS5C delivers all of the key features that manufacturers and operators now require for mobile-class fingerprint sensors – highly accurate fingerprint recognition with anti-spoofing capability, rugged and attractive packaging, small size, low power consumption and integrated touch-control circuitry. These features enable a new user experience that simultaneously provides ease-of-use, personalization, security, and privacy.

The TCS5C boasts key capabilities demanded by leading mobile phone OEMs including:

  • Responsive touch-processing hardware integrated into the sensor that enables the TCS5C to easily replace other touch input devices;
  • Low power consumption, up to eleven times less than competing sensors;
  • Robust SteelCoat™ protective coating for superior ruggedness and durability;
  • Flexible and elegant industrial design options that enhance phone aesthetics;
  • Proven HD3D™ sensing technology that delivers the industry’s most accurate fingerprint imaging capability and works reliably with the greatest number of users in the broadest range of environments; and
  • Advanced anti-spoofing technology to counter attempts at impersonating an authorized user.

The growing worldwide adoption of smart phones and advanced mobile devices has driven requirements for stronger security to protect sensitive business and personal information as well as demand for improved user-input capabilities that make phones easier to use. UPEK’s new family of touch control solutions for mobile phones simultaneously satisfies both requirements by taking user input to the next level with fingerprint-based touch control solutions that not only provide advanced touch-based user input capabilities, but also recognize their user’s identity to provide innovative security and usability features.

“UPEK’s new TCS5C TouchStrip fingerprint sensor and our new family of touch control solutions for mobile phones will truly open up the wireless market for fingerprint and will continue UPEK’s long tradition of delivering OEMs the right features, performance, and value at the right time,” said Carl Temme, vice president of business development and strategic marketing at UPEK, Inc.

The TCS5C TouchStrip fingerprint sensor is available today and has been released to high volume production.

To schedule a meeting with a UPEK representative at the International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment event at the San Diego Convention Center Oct 7-9, 2009, contact questions@upek.com .

About UPEK

UPEK, Inc. is the global leader in enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions. UPEK authentication hardware and software are integrated into laptops from the world’s top five largest PC makers, as well as USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, and mobile phones from leading manufacturers. UPEK’s ecosystem of over 100 hardware and software partners enables strong authentication solutions for market verticals including healthcare, banking, education, and government. UPEK offers the only silicon-based fingerprint sensor that is FIPS 201 certified for authentication of millions of US government employees and contractors. UPEK also provides consumer packaged goods including the CES award-winning Eikon Digital Privacy Manager, the only fingerprint reader on the market that supports PCs and Macs. UPEK products make your digital world safe and personal. For more info, visit www.upek.com .