HARTING Provides Connectivity Solution for U2’s Giant 360° LED Screen

HARTING, a leading supplier of electrical and electronics connectors, has provided a connectivity solution for the World’s first transformable 360° LED screen used on the latest concert tour for the world-renowned rock band U2.

The LED screen, developed by Barco, surrounds the band while they are performing, and can change shape in all directions during concerts. This revolutionary approach to video measures 79 X 53 feet, and incorporates more than 500,000 pixels, making it the biggest LED screen ever used in concert touring.

HARTING’s ability to provide rugged and reliable connectivity solutions to a protection degree of IP 65/67 for indoor or outdoor applications is the foundation for a range of interesting product applications for LED lighting and video wall displays.

The connectivity requirement was to provide a rugged and vibration-proof mated connector solution that could be mounted to the surface of the moving displays. The system transfers the latest HD (High Definition) TV pictures networked over an Ethernet link. HARTING non-reflective black Han® hoods and surface-mounted housings from the company’s heavy-duty industrial connector family were chosen so that they would be inconspicuous to the audience.

Han-Modular® Quintax inserts were used to provide EMC shielded video transfer. HARTING also built the custom cable assemblies, providing the end installer with the complete solution from one expert source.

The HARTING surface-mounted housings are fitted on the rear of the moving expandable mechanical frames which retain the LED modules.

All HARTING products are supported and available for sale from HARTING North America, Elgin, Illinois.

Han ® housing with Han-Modular® Quintax inserts: http://www.ggcomm.com/Harting/U2.JPG

U2 360° Screen: http://www.ggcomm.com/Harting/U2-360.JPG