Code Together Ushers in New Era for Real-Time Collaborative Data Sharing

Code Together, LLC, the real-time, online collaboration solutions provider, today announced the beta version of its latest solution, Treaty. Treaty is a real-time collaborative editor that directly integrates with existing web applications, so that users can accomplish more without having to leave Treaty customers’ websites. The tool is ideal for project management applications, corporate intranets and enterprise environments and eLearning applications. The tool is now in private beta and will be generally available in late February.

Treaty enables real-time document collaboration in existing applications. While many sites currently have document sharing applications, collaboration within these applications may be limited. By deploying Treaty with the addition of a few lines of Javascript, real-time collaboration in existing applications is made possible for site users. This collaborative document sharing functionality encourages site users to stay on Treaty-enabled web applications longer, without ever knowing they are using a third-party application. This is due to the fact that Treaty customers can control the look and feel of the product to match their branding – providing a cohesive experience across the site. In addition, site users are able to collaborate via an encrypted connection so that their data is never compromised. If Treaty customers need additional security measures in place, the product can be installed on their internal servers.

“We’ve seen great success with our flagship product, Squad, a web-based collaborative code editor,” said Hillary Elmore Cage, CEO, Code Together. “But we wanted to expand our solution set and also address a real need that we saw arising in the market space – the need for a data sharing solution that can be used within existing applications and provide updates in real-time.”

With Treaty, users can share and edit text in real-time while maintaining version control. This makes it ideal for project management as this process invariably involves multiple users collaborating on the same document. The automatic edit tracking and revision history built into Treaty ensure easier collaboration and sharing. Treaty also enables users within the application to convert text from .doc(x), OpenOffice, plain text, and many other formats. In addition, they can export text in .doc(x), OpenOffice, HTML, PDF and other formats. This heterogeneous functionality is also ideal for project management, as users often have varying operating systems and applications. By leveraging Treaty for projects, users can ensure that they will never lose track of changes or experience being unable to open or send a file due to format discrepancies.

Treaty can also transform the way enterprises operate by changing the way end-users interact with documents. Plugged into a browser-based intranet or document management system, Treaty can reduce document turnaround times and increase cooperation. Because Treaty allows multiple users to collaborate on a document in real-time, numerous checkout cycles are eliminated and adherence to standardized document formats is increased. With Treaty, enterprise end-users can spend less time waiting to receive the latest iteration of a document, and more time actually creating content.

In addition to project management and enterprise applications, Treaty is an ideal add-on for eLearning. Treaty allows students using eLearning applications to collaborate on projects in a new and more convenient way, adding flexibility to lesson plans. Treaty also helps instructors collaborate on lesson plans, assessments, and strategies for more effective teaching. Adding Treaty to eLearning applications opens new avenues for collaboration for all users and further enriches the online learning and teaching experiences.


The beta version of Treaty is now available for trial at The product will be generally available on Feb. 25, 2013.

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About Code Together:

Code Together was founded in 2009. The company provides real-time, web-based collaborative editing tools for developers and companies. The company’s flagship product, Squad, was built on the idea that working together produces better code and better products. Following this mantra, the company recently introduced Treaty, a data sharing tool that can be leverage in existing web applications. The company came out of SproutBox, a startup incubator located in Bloomington, Indiana. Follow @squadedit or visit and for the most up-to-date company information.