NACD Announces New Security Code to its Responsible Distribution Code of Management Practice

Last week at its Board of Directors meeting in Park City, Utah, the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) approved the addition of a new Security Code to its Responsible Distribution Code of Management Practice. The Code will go into effect for the program’s fifth cycle running January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2016.

Said NACD President Chris Jahn of the additional Code, “NACD members have been committed to safe and secure operations for decades. In fact, they have been recognized by Congressional leaders and top-level agency officials within the federal government for their previous security efforts. The changes made last week by our Board reflect how serious our Industry is about securing our products now and into the future. This new Code will better enable our members to focus their security operations for excellence and to continuously improve their implementation efforts through best practices.”

NACD member distributors were the first sector of the chemical industry to mandate security measures following the tragic events of September 11, 2001. In 2002, NACD enhanced its existing codes with security measures addressing physical and en route vulnerabilities; cargo security (ensuring distributors implement programs to defend against diversion or theft and to select carriers who demonstrate an ability to secure cargo); and product stewardship security (maintaining systems to qualify customers).

At its meeting last week, the NACD Board of Directors went a step farther, recognizing that the time had come to enact a distinct code addressing these security practices and more. The new security code will:

  • Improve NACD members’ security and safety practices through a strengthened Responsible Distribution program.
  • Heighten awareness of security within the supply chain.
  • Enhance coordination, training and proper communication of potential threats in the distribution of chemical products.

The new security measures at each company, along with the additional 12 Codes of Management Practice will continue to be verified by an independent third-party verifier every three years enabling our members to successfully demonstrate implementation.

NACD and its over 400 member companies are vital to the chemical supply chain providing products to over 750,000 end users. They make a delivery every seven seconds while maintaining a safety record that is more than twice as good as all manufacturing combined. NACD members are leaders in health, safety, security, and environmental performance through implementation of Responsible Distribution, established in 1991 as a condition of membership and a third-party verified management practice. For additional information on our members, their safety record or NACD, visit NACD at