Webinar to Explore the Challenge of Unifying Data across Channels

New commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting identifies key challenges marketers continue to face regarding data management to reach today’s hyper-connected consumer. Uniting cross-channel customer data and activity within a comprehensive data environment remains a common goal; however, the study reveals that many marketing leaders continue to struggle when it comes to a customer-centric approach. Without a high level of data cohesion, it is difficult to provide the level of personalization, cross-channel consistency and real-time relevance that today’s consumers expect from the brands they engage. The lack of a comprehensive dataset also limits the reliability and effectiveness of analytics and other key metrics.

To address these issues, Knotice is sponsoring a live webinar, featuring special guest Forrester Research Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell. This one-hour event will go deeper into the details of Forrester Consulting’s research, “A Customer-Centric Strategy Requires a Revamp of Current Data Practices,” (April 2013, commissioned by Knotice), exploring data intake and personalization challenges across channels, touchpoints, device types and more. The event will also offer trends, tips and best practices to overcome the challenge of unifying data across channels for customer-focused messaging and richer insights.

During the webinar, participants will learn:

  • Steps to revamp their current data management approach around the customer;
  • How today’s top marketers are approaching the challenges as they shift toward a customer-focused, data-oriented approach;
  • Why having all that data isn’t enough – how it can be more useable and actionable within a data management platform to leverage for the greatest value;
  • How to maintain relevant communications to both known and anonymous consumers who engage with brands online;
  • Why targeting across iPads can be difficult, including ways to overcome real mobile challenges;
  • Case-study examples on what’s working – and what’s not working – when coordinating advanced personalization across email, website, mobile and display;
  • Trends and key recommendations to solve for data intake challenges, with exclusive access to information not found in the original report, and more.


There is no cost to participate, but registration is required.

What: Knotice Webinar: “Reaching Today’s Customer Requires a Revamp of Current Data Practices”

Who: Featuring special guest Joanna O’Connell, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc. along with Brian Deagan, co-founder and CEO Knotice;

When: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 2 PM ET

Where: Register now at http://www.knotice.com/webinar/

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