DRS Technologies Receives Defense Security Service Award for Counterintelligence

DRS Technologies has received the highest U.S. honor for protecting classified information and technology through a culture of compliance with government security regulations by receiving the prestigious Defense Security Service Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence.

The Defense Security Service (DSS) instituted the award two years ago to recognize the cleared defense contractor that best demonstrates the ability to stop foreign theft of sensitive and classified information and technology.

DSS Director Stanley L. Sims said DRS Technologies earned the award for 2012 by demonstrating “an unrivaled commitment” to security.

“The quality and timeliness of reporting of security-related information reflect the commitment to compliance that DRS employees have and the proactive stance the company has taken to partner with the U.S. government to maintain the highest levels of security,” Sims said.

In a series of DSS assessments, some 90% of DRS facilities where employees handle classified content received a “superior” rating, the highest level granted, compared with a national average of just 8% superior.

DRS CEO and former U.S. Deputy Secy. of Defense William J. Lynn said compliance with security requirements is one of the most critical responsibilities of any company in the defense industry. “Our warfighters are counting on U.S. industry to maintain the technological edge they deserve to ensure their own safety as they defend us around the world,” Lynn said.

The DSS Counterintelligence Directorate is responsible for evaluating defense contractors’ compliance with a wide range of security regulations and procedures. To select the recipient of the Defense Security Service Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence, they consider best practices, results and whether the corporate culture promotes vigilance.

About DRS Technologies

The DRS security compliance program includes online and in-person employee training. The company encourages rapid reporting of suspicious activity through a number of channels, including a 24-hour/per day service hotline.

DRS Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica SpA (FNC.MI), which employs 70,000 people worldwide.