Comwave announces a new ePhone App for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Comwave launched a new version of ePhone for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones, which is part of a series of Comwave Apps intended to compete with other Telephony and VoIP apps available internationally.

ePhone is different than many VoIP Apps, because the App includes a built-in telephone number that users can choose, allowing them to receive incoming calls from any telephone around the world. “Having a Toronto or New York phone number on your smartphone is a powerful tool, especially when you travel and want to get around those costly roaming fees,” said Yuval Barzakay, CEO of Comwave.

ePhone enables tremendous cost savings for users and the App is also free. ePhone uses a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi® connection, and with W-Fi, users also do not need to worry about expensive data roaming fees while traveling. ePhone already includes free calling to the USA and Canada but you can add international minutes to your account in $5, $10 or $30 increments to call the world at Comwave’s guaranteed lowest rates. You can use ePhone anywhere in the world, so even if you are in Europe, you can use ePhone to call landlines in North America absolutely free.

ePhone bridges the gap between smartphone users, computers, and landline phone users by allowing all of them to communicate for free regardless of whether they have ePhone or not. “While other Apps seem to put up walled gardens confining you to the App, ePhone allows you to communicate for free to non-ePhone users as well. Now, someone can be on their land line in New York calling an ePhone user across the globe for free,” added Mr. Barzakay.

“BlackBerry is very pleased to have Comwave on BlackBerry 10,” said Martyn Mallick, VP of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry. “Customers will be able to enjoy ePhone’s features and money-saving capabilities.”

How does it work?
ePhone uses VoIP (Voice Over IP), which allows you to choose your own telephone number. So let’s say you choose a Toronto ePhone number and you happen to be travelling to Florida, first you would be able to call any phone number back home for free, and you would be able to receive calls from back home for free as well. That’s because your friends and colleagues back home could call Toronto ePhone number which is local to them. The idea is to choose an ePhone number that is local to your home or office, this way you can travel anywhere and receive free calls.

ePhone is available for multiple platforms and devices including for the BlackBerry® Playbook™ and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

About Comwave
Comwave is Canada’s largest independent communications company and recipients of the 2012 and 2013 Consumer’s Choice Award. Comwave leads the Canadian industry for VoIP Home Phone lines, Hosted PBX solutions for offices and long distance savings for landlines and mobile phones. Led by CEO, Yuval Barzakay, Comwave has become Canada’s leader in VoIP solutions. Comwave serves over 500 cities in Canada and over 1100 in the United States.

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