New Email and Telephone Reminder Service Ensures Important Events Aren’t Overlooked, a new service website geared toward the busy professional, businesses and individuals, provides professional reminding services via email and telephone reminders for its site users’ most important events.

Useful applications for professionals include future scheduled meetings, project completion deadlines, submission deadlines & scheduled client reminders. Individuals can use the site to be reminded of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, future reminders to self and upcoming super important client or personal events in advance. works on smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, iPads and is reasonably priced per send or unlimited annual subscription. It’s easy; users can sign up and set up scheduled reminders that they wish to remind people or be reminded of (one time as well as recurring). Users can also send text with html formatting and file attachments in the reminders.

“Think of as your ‘Plan B’ for super important events and things you need to remind people or be reminded of,” comments Samuel Aleman, president of “A good example is a CPA tax accounting firm that uses automatic scheduled emails monthly to remind their clients with a ‘Monthly Did You’ pdf document attachment to their email reminders reminding clients to send their bank and credit card statements, bookkeeping paperwork and return the completed document attachment file which lets the firm know of any important client changes that need to be addressed. In the client’s eye, the CPA firm appears very attentive to their client base; staying ahead of their clients on an automatic monthly basis in addition to other important tax dates and their clients love them!”

Remind yourself or remind others by sending automatic scheduled email and telephone reminders on scheduled dates and times. With very busy daily schedules pressing everyone for every hour and minute in this day and age, this seems to be a great reminder service website for those most important of events that you cannot miss. is a proprietary web-based appointment reminder platform developed to solve a very specific problem – your phone, paper note, email calendar or pc app reminder.

  • Have you ever relied on your smart phone or pc reminder app only to be disappointed that you were never notified of your upcoming appointment?
  • Did you miss the most important client meeting or client reminder of your career because you were on the phone and your iPhone didn’t ping?
  • Or better yet, are you paying a front office person to make reminder calls after reminder calls?

Well since you have; decided to solve the problem.

About was founded in Miami, FL in 2012. For more information, visit or visit them on Facebook at