CellAd To Benefit From Shift To Mobile Display Advertising In The $11 Billion Global Market

World Assurance Group, Inc. (www.worldassurancegroup.com) (OTC Pink: WDAS) today announces that CellAd Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, appears well positioned to benefit from the ongoing shift from mobile search ads to mobile display ads in the rapidly growing global mobile advertising market, confirmed by leading analysts Gartner and IDC.

According to Gartner, in its ‘Forecast: Mobile Advertising, Worldwide, 2009-2016’ report published in January, worldwide revenue will reach $24.5 billion in 2016 from $11.4 billion today, with mobile advertising revenue creating new opportunities for app developers, ad networks, mobile platform providers, specialty agencies and even communications service providers in certain regions. According to Gartner, smartphones and media tablets extend the addressable market for mobile advertising in more and more geographies as an increasing population of users spends an increasing share of its time with these devices. The market will therefore become easier to segment and target, driving the growth of mobile advertising spend for brands and advertisers.

In a recent report titled ‘2012 U.S. Mobile Advertising Market Sizing and Vendor Market Shares’, IDC, another leading market analyst, sees the same trend in the U.S., commenting that mobile display advertising has increased its market share of total mobile spending by no less than 8 percentage points, to 39% versus 61% for search ads in 2012.

CellAd is currently in beta phase with its first smartphone app, AdKash, in partnership with World Global Network. AdKash is the first app of its kind to directly reward users for viewing ads on their smartphones every time they receive a call or text message. By simply downloading the AdKash app from the Google Play store, users will unlock a unique new way to make money from their mobile devices. Users can also download the app and learn more about how AdKash works at www.cellad.com.

Sean McVeigh, Chief Executive of World Assurance Group, said, CellAd is well positioned to benefit from the growth in display ads. This shift away from search engine ads will increase the availability and variety of rich media ads, which CellAd will get paid to display to its members each time they receive a call or message. The richer the ad, the better for CellAd, as members will retrieve an interesting rich media ad for subsequent viewing, and if the ad is sufficiently captivating they may wish to make a purchase. This, again, is good for CellAd as we can also get paid for click-throughs and purchases.”

About World Assurance Group
World Assurance Group, Inc. is a holding company that currently operates through two wholly owned subsidiaries: CellAd Inc., a digital media company based in Ireland operating in the global mobile advertising industry and ANAV Holdings Corporation, a development stage real estate investment company in the United States. CellAd Inc. has developed, along with its partners, a revolutionary new cloud based advertising platform that allows advertisers and brands to deliver high definition, full screen adverts, coupons and click-through offers to subscribers via its smartphone application. Once installed, every time the subscriber receives an inbound call or text message CellAd will pay the subscriber a fee in the form of cash or other agreed medium. Additional information may be found at www.worldassurancegroup.com