InfoGenius Launches Industry’s First Uptime Certification

InfoGenius, Inc. has announced the launch of UptimeSafe, a first-of-its-kind uptime certification service for online service providers. Prior to UptimeSafe, service providers like hosting companies and software-as-a-service providers had to rely on word of mouth and their own claims to build and maintain a reputation of service uptime and reliability. For the first time, service providers can now have their service reliability independently certified by UptimeSafe and market this trusted certification directly to perspective customers; building buyer confidence and sales.

UptimeSafe works by monitoring a cross section of a service provider’s network around the clock and certifying their uptime and reliability based on UptimeSafe’s standards. Providers who meet these standards are given UptimeSafe branded Seals and Certificates they can display on their websites and marketing materials.

“Our service benefits both service providers and their perspective buyers alike.” says Pedro Pequeno, President of InfoGenius, Inc. “UptimeSafe allows quality service providers to effectively differentiate themselves as reliability leaders. On the same token, buyers seeking a reliable provider can now easily identify them through the UptimeSafe Seal on a provider’s website. It’s a win-win solution for both.”

With high profile service providers announcing serious outages more often then ever, consumers are looking to make more educated decisions. Soon, consumers will start asking service providers, “Are you UptimeSafe certified?” For those providers that can say yes, they will be a big step closer to gaining a customer. For those who say no, consumers may think twice.

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About InfoGenius and UptimeSafe

UptimeSafe is a service of InfoGenius, Inc. InfoGenius has been connecting businesses worldwide with the Internet technology they need to successfully build, manage, and grow robust e-Businesses since 1999. InfoGenius offers the online business community multiple services including UptimeSafe, AlertBot, and Codango. With a long list of customers including IBM, Sony, Yellow Pages and RE/MAX, InfoGenius has a proven track record of being able to deliver enterprise service to some of the biggest names in business. InfoGenius looks to continue this long tradition of excellence as it launches the newest addition to its product line: UptimeSafe.