’s New Mobile App Holds the 10 Step Secret to Great Bingo on the Go

Seasoned Bingo players continue to surprise us with their dedication to the game whilst juggling other commitments.

Jo Kingston, a long time player, recently posted a note on Facebook on how the new iPhone and iPad App, recently updated in Apple’s iTunes App store, allows her to stay in the game whilst covering her household work.

Here’s her 10 Step Secret to great bingo on the go:

  1. Log in to on your phone
  2. Choose your fave room (Jo’s is Castle)
  3. Say, “Hello everyone”
  4. Buy your tickets
  5. Make sure the volume on your mobile is turned WELL UP!
  6. Stick your phone securely in your BRA!
  7. Proceed to wash up, clean toilet, make dinner and so on whilst listening to the game.
  8. Remember to take a peek when you hear it flashing!
  9. Remove phone from bra at the end of the game – then buy more tickets!
  10. Repeat from Step 6

Thanks for the advice, Jo!

In the new iPhone and iPad app release, there are now over 40 games, including, ironically, Chests of Plenty with its huge jackpots, and 13 new bingo rooms. also boasts 600 bingo jackpots daily, more than any other online UK bingo site,

And with 2 million in bingo prizes paid out every day of the week, more new winners than ever are loving the buzz at

Visit the Gala Bingo App store today at then download and install to follow Jo’s 10 steps to mobile bingo happiness!